Full IP66 IP69K Stainless Panel PC with Cable Gland Solution

cable gland 3

Wincomm, a leading medical and industrial computer OEM have launched a new cable gland option for external i/o to provide additional versatility for their stainless steel ingress protected solutions up to IP66/69K.

To meet the challenges of an everchanging industrial landscape, Wincomm have always provided a customisation service to suit a multitude of requirements, Wincomm’s latest innovation is its solution around external cable management designed to shorten customisation time (and consequently cost)  to benefit applications where additional versatility is being sought around customisation needs for external I/O.

As standard, for PC applications where there is a high standard of sealing is required – Wincomm provide a series of IP rated solutions; designed with stainless steel housings – the external i/o being supported by M12 connectors.

To accompany these solutions – and growth around further customisation needs & requests to accommodate different applications, Wincomm has now innovated its cable gland solution with various cable grommets to suit specific enclosure applications – retaining a focus on still providing a minimum time to market to derive cost-effective solutions for customers to adopt.

cable gland

Available Options with Cable Gland Design

With the increasing requirement around adaptation of traditional products to meet the needs of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), cross sections of industries are requesting different peripherals in order to link to computers to enable machine control.  However, to do this with a ruggedized/harsh environment Panel PC with a water proof, dust proof full sealed enclosure, typically would invite increased cost due to a variety of considerations around how defining features can still be supported.

The Wincomm IP stainless steel panel PC series, including all TFT sizes – both standard & wide operational temperature versions of the WTP 9E66 series, WTP 8B66 series, and WTP 8D66 series – benefit from this latest i/o innovation. With up to 5 external i/o selections available, users can select a suitable product SKU (see figure 2), by utilising the following simple 4 step consideration process:-

  • Step 1: Select from 5 x i/o interface combinations from options such as, USB 3.0, USB 2.0, COM, LAN, Video Out, Line Out and Mic In.
  • Step 2: Choose suitable grommet sizes for your cable. The default will be blank – but where grommets are needed, there are three sizes ranging from (i) 3-4 mm, (ii) 4-5 mm and (iii) 5-6 mm dependent on your choice of cable.
  • Step 3: If you need to have an extension cable, you can select the use of the ‘long length cable’ available from Wincomm.
  • Step 4: Please note, the depth of the whole system will increase from 58mm – 64 mm to 105 mm, and so requires a little bit more installation space compared to the standard system. 
cable gland 1
Figure 1. Wincomm new cable gland for external I.O. solution suits for the rapid changed industrial
environments with various I.O . combination under IP66/IP69K test proof.

Why Cable Gland ?

  • Regular USB/ LAN / RS-232 cables can be used for IP protection. (negates the need to purchase additional IP67 external cables)
  • Provides for flexibility of connection solutions : video out & USB 3.0 …etc
  • High-speed signal i/o availability – DVI, HDMI and USB3.0 I/O
  • Provides a suitable environment for long-distance cabling installation
  • Dual display mode supported (for support around an external monitor)
cable gland 2
Figure 2. The above table shows “Differentiation from Standard M12 Connectors to Optional Cable Gland”,
which indicates how to choose from WTP 9E66, WTP 8B66 and WTP 8D66 series by steps.

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