IEI Mustang-T100-T5 AI Accelerator Card with Google Coral Edge TPU

IEI Mustang-T100-T5 AI Accelerator Card with Google Coral Edge TPU

IEI Mustang-T100-T5: Features

  • 5 x Google Edge TPU ML accelerator
  • 20 TOPS peak performance (int8)
  • Host interface PCIe Gen2 x 4
  • Low-profile PCIe form factor
  • Supporting use of multiple cards
  • 15W TDP
  • RoHS compliant
IEI Mustang-T100-T5 AI Accelerator Card with Google Coral Edge TPU
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The Next Wave for Edge AI Computing with Coral Edge TPU

In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has been applied in various industries and has consequently opened up further opportunities and provided efficiencies in lots of different applications. Edge AI has become a virtual role with customers spending more time in deploying services to local devices in order to increase privacy, security and minimise latencies.

IEI’s Mustang-T100 accelerator card leverages the powerful Coral technology, a complete and fast toolkit for building products with local AI, to allow AI developers to access different AI inference platforms at the Edge.

The Mustang-T100 integrates five Coral Edge TPU co-processors in a half-height, half-length PCIe card and offers computing speeds up to 20 TOPS and low power consumption (only 15W). Powered by a well-developed Tensorflow Lite community, the Mustang-T100 is an ideal AI PCIe accelerator card for image classification, object detection and image segmentation.

High Compatibility from The Start

IEI Mustang-T100-T5 - SDK

To support the diverse needs of IT/AI developers, the Mustang-T100 can be implemented for various operating systems, such as Linux and Windows, and can be deployed for both X86 and ARM hardware platforms to accelerate and maximum Edge AI performance. Additionally, and combined with TensorFlow Lite, there is no need to build ML training models from the ground up. TensorFlow Lite models can be compiled to run on the Edge TPU, completely.

Multitasking or Pipelining – Select Your Inferencing Mode

For numerous AI applications at the Edge, clients can select from two different modes to run their inferencing project depending on their needs.

IEI Mustang T100-T5

Multitasking or Pipelining – Select Your Inferencing Mode

If there’s a need to run multiple models, each model can be assigned to a specific Edge TPU and ran in parallel at the same time for extreme computing performance.

IEI Mustang T100-T5

Model pipelining to get faster throughput and low latency

For other scenarios that require very fast throughput or large models, pipelining your model allows you to execute different segments of the same model on different Edge TPUs. This can improve throughput for high-speed applications and can reduce total latency for large models.

Optimize Pre-trained Models at The Edge

The Mustang-T100 supports AutoML Vision Edge that AI developers can use Edge TPU to accelerate transfer-learning with a pre-trained model at Edge devices, directly. The models can be optimised to increase model accuracy and save training time by running fewer than 200 images.

Easily Create an AI Environment

IEI provides AI-ready IPC hardware platforms, such as the TANK series, FLEX series and the DPRC series. All these series are ideal for deep learning inference computing to help get faster, deeper application insights. All IEI AI-ready systems are able to support up to four Mustang-T100’s to deploy and run your AI applications efficiently.


Application Field Installs

Reliable Campus Security1

Reliable University Campus

Because university campus’ can be large, therefore requiring numerous cameras to ensure the entire campus is covered for multiple scenarios concerning the safety of the campus – and those people that work on & attend it, there needs to be a high level of computing performance present.

Using the DRPC IPC series configured with the Mustang-T100 solution to cope with the required AI workload, multiple algorithms and multiple camera channels can be supported.

University Campus’ are using this system for face recognition, unauthorised personnel alerts, crowd management, people count and parking management.

Intelligent Traffic Management1

Intelligent Traffic

For pedestrian safety and traffic efficiency, AI can help Traffic Control Centres to monitor road-flow, pedestrian crossings and bus stops to provide real-time reaction to live traffic conditions. The system is accelerated by the Mustang-T100, powered by Coral Edge TPU. With 5 cores of TPU onboard, the system affords itself multiple camera channels for observation.

Traffic Management
Smarter Retail Management1

SMART Retail

Various in-store retail monitoring applications increase on a year-by-year basis. However, with the recent COVID-19 period across the globe, new requirements concerning the gauging of customer footfall in compliance of social distancing, correct fitting of face and restriction of instore numbers of customers – has become a new requirement.

By configuring the FLEX series with the powerful Mustang-T100 accelerator card, more camera channels have been enabled for deployment across both small, local supermarket branches – and larger superstores – to track, monitor and enforce safety measures for retail customers at any given time.


Form Factor
Form Factor Low-profile PCIe card
CPU 5 x Google Coral Edge TPU
Cooling method / System Fan Active Fan
Physical Characteristics
Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm) 167.64 (L) x 64.41 (W) x 18 (H)
Operating Temperature -20°C ~ 55°C
Humidity 5% ~ 90% RH, Non-condensing
Safety & EMC RoHS


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