Jetway MM02 Series: Intel Comet Lake-S Micro ATX Motherboards for IoT Applications

Jetway MM02 Series

Jetway, a world-leading Industrial PC (IPC) manufacturer, are pleased to release the MM02-10/MM02-20 industrial motherboard series.

The MM02-10/MM02-20 series comes with the Intel W480E/Q470E chipset for LGA 1200 socket Intel® 10th generation processors – and are particularly suited for industrial IoT applications.

The front-to-back, long DIMM design helps provide better for a better cooling performance. When cold air enters from the front of Rackmount chassis, airflow is maintained uniformly throughout from front to the back of the assembly.  And the low rear I/O ports layout also helps to expel heated air backs towards the rear of the chassis removing any chance of airflow blockages.


Jetway MM02 Series Gif

The MM02 series provides 4 x Intel LAN ports (2 x 2.5GbE and 2 x 1GbE ports) to meet the requirements of heavily networked applications. The are 4 x PCIE slots (x1, x4, x8, x16) which provide a expansion solutions for a wide variety of PCIe cards for varied application and specification. Onboard SATA ports provide supports for RAID0/1/5/10 where multiple hard disk storage solutions are needed on board MM02-20: 8 x SATA  and the MM02-10 : 6 x SATA).

And to provide for additional options around storage, the MM02-10 and MM02-20 series also come with 1 x  M.2 2242/2260/2280/22110 (PCIe x4 interface supporting NVMe)  and 1 x M.2 2260/2280 (PCIe x2 interface)

Intel Comet Lake Application Highlights:

  • Deep Learning AI
  • High-Speed Connectivity
  • Remote Manageability

MM02-10/MM02-20 Feature Highlights:

  • Intel LGA1200 Socket supports 10th Gen Core Processor (Max. 95W)
  • Intel Q470E/W480E chipset
  • Supports 4 x DDR4 2933/2666/2400MHz Long-DIMM up to 128G
  • 1 x Intel i219LM GbE, 1 x Intel® i210AT GbE and  2 x  i225LM 2.5GbE
  • Support 2 x HDMI ports
  • ATX Power Input
  • Supports TPM2.0 (MM02-12/MM02-22 only)
  • Support iAMT, vPro & Remote Manageability (varies with CPU)
  • Micro ATX Form Factor (244 x  244 mm)


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