ASRock Athena A1 A.I. Development Kit

Asrock Athena A1

Available in out of box/finished solution– or kit form for bench development, the Athena A1 allows you develop your application if you’ve aspirations to use AI to provide you with that leading edge. In both forms, the Athena A1 comes with an Apollo Lake, J3455 motherboard, a 2MB IP camera, all necessary cabling, power supply – and optional Movidius Myriad X module should your interest be in developing around AI

 Regarding software, we have an easy to follow video around download and install of Linux Ubuntu, Intel’s openVINO for the AI side of things – and install of the necessary software for the IP camera. The video also details how to physically connect the kit if you’ve decided to go for the kit option

The Athena A1, a powerful, all-in-one AI edge camera with innovative features targeting the retail industry won the award in the Startups category.

The athena A1 has one IP camera module and an Intel® Atom processor motherboard that operate together in the same system. It supports 2 channels of AI recognition functions, which means this compact box can simultaneously perform facial recognition and another function such as intrusion detection. Other edge camera systems on the market need two devices, a camera and a separate  host device, and can perform only one recognition function at a time.

The athena A1 AI edge camera is 2MP, full HD 1080P with real-time 30fps, and the H.264 codec spec to provide high definition footage for powerful recognition analysis. It is built around Intel’s Atom processor and supports 8GB of memory. On the rear panel it has a USB 3.0 port, a micro-HDMI port, a slot for a micro SD card, a power jack and an RJ45 connector for 10/100/1000Mbps networking that also supports Power over Ethernet. This gives customers the option of installing the athena A1 where there is no power outlet.

For cloud service, the athena A1 was qualified by the Amazon Web Service IoT lab and it bundles the AWS Greengrass function for big data analysis in the cloud. The athena A1 supports Intel’s Movidius™ module and OpenVINO™ tool kits for recognition analysis applications. It runs on Linux Ubuntu 16.04 and higher. 

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