DFI ECX700-AL Ultra Rugged Outdoor Computer


Do you need a ruggedised x86 PC to computer at the edge 24/7 for outdoor use – especially in environments where there is shelter from the elements?

The DFI ECX700-AL challenges any outdoor operation – combatting and beating every environmental factor that can potentially impact performance around a PC solutions durability.

Climate change brings with it harsh conditions and the ability to withstand water and dust is often seen as a direct indicator of a rugged computer’s ability to operate outdoors. Operation within wide temperature range also plays a decisive factor in ensuring stable operation – with additional consideration to the following :-

  • Even with a waterproof enclosure, the system may still experience condensation internally because of diverse exterior temperatures (hot & cold) being prevalent – and
  • During operation under the sun, once the external temperature reaches 40° C, the system internally can quite easily experience temperatures over 60° C with the effect of both sun & internal components

Designed to counter these issues, the DFI ECX700-AL provides a smart vent to drain off water automatically. With a white resistive painted enclosure design and a system design to allow wide-temperature operation from -40 to 70° C, the DFI ECX700-AL reliably functions under the sun and resisting levels of heat.

Cellular connectivity is provided via an external SIM slot to facilitate easy load/unload of SIMs – and the high-gain antenna ensures quality of signal.

Amongst the versatile I/O that the DFI ECX700-AL possesses settings are  2 x CAN Bus and 2 x RS232 ports and selective display ports (HDMI/VGA) help integrators in meeting demand for flexibility around display output.

Key Features:

  • Ruggedized, IP67 grade PC BOX
  • Intel Atom Processor E3900 series
  • Smart Vent (drain off water automatically)
  • Communications (Wi-Fi/LTE/CANBUS)
  • Wide temperature: -40 to 70° C & Wide voltage: 9~36V
  • 4GB DDR3 onboard, 64G eMMC
  • Optional WiFi, LTE, CanBus
  • BIOS with security boot


Outdoor IoT Edge Computing:

Data collection and transmission for Traffic management, Green energy facilities, Meteorological station, Shore facilities, High-altitude or High-latitude locations


Manufacturing facilities with high humidity and extreme temperature, such as refrigeration equipment.

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