Industry - Building Control

Commercial buildings today contain a range of technical subsystems to automate or monitor the different aspects of a building. Most common Building Control systems include

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning systems (HVAC)
Fire and smoke detection systems
Intrusion detection and video surveillance systems
Access control systems
Lighting and blind control systems

BVM Ltd have been supplying the HMI hardware as the computing interface for Centraline’s HVAC integrated heating controllers (Hawk, Eagle Hawk) since 2008. Over the years, our HMI has been provided in various formats – 5.7”, 7”, 8” being the more commonly used formats – but also in the larger sizes of 10”, 12” and 15”.

Powered by Intel CPU’s, our range of Building Management HMI Panel PCs offer fast, responsive performance, they have an IP65 rating for protection against water and dust and they are fully compatible with Honeywell and CentraLine control units.

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