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BVME130 - Floppy / SCSI Controller - 3U

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The BVME130 is a compact, high performance, floppy disc and SCSI controller module with full master/slave VMEbus interface and DMA. It is optimised for cost effective, high performance applications. The BVME130 provides all the resources for use as an interface to a wide range of peripherals, including floppy disc drives, hard disc drives and tape streamers. A single card can support up to 4 floppy drives and a mixture of up to 7 SCSI peripherals. A 64 kbyte, on board data buffer with DMA, allows high speed data rates to peripherals, without putting any constraints on the VMEbus. The DMA controller also has access to the VMEbus as a master, allowing the BVME130 to burst data, at high speed, between its data buffer RAM and other VMEbus system memory. The DMA master interface to VMEbus has been carefully optimised to provide minimum arbitration overhead and so maximises available VMEbus bandwidth. The on board buffer RAM can be mapped onto the VMEbus at a programmable base address to allow direct access in non-DMA applications

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