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BVME210 - Digital I/O module

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The BVME206/210 are a pair of parallel interface cards offering similar facilities but with different I/O pinouts. The BVME206 is configured as a quad parallel printer interface whereas the BVME210 is better suited to monitoring and control applications which require bit manipulation. The modules use two MC68230 Programmable Interface/Timers (PI/T) chips which each include an independent 24 bit counter/timer. Each timer can be clocked from an internal clock or via the I/O interface and each is able to generate a vectored VMEbus interrupt. Extensive OS-9 software support is available for these modules and real world connection is simplified by the use of the DIN rail mounting Plant Interface Modules (PIM). The PIMs provide various opto-isolation and relay options.

Four independent 8 bit bi-directional parallel ports
Two additional flexible handshaking lines per port
All lines fully buffered
Two independent 24 bit counter/timers with programmable clocks
Full interrupt capability
Uses dual MC68230 devices
Range of Interface Modules for real world cable termination and isolation
OS-9 drivers and utility library
Single Eurocard 3U format
Fully compatible with VMEbus specification C.1

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