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BVME770 - Intelligent Octal Serial Controller - 6U

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The BVME770 provides all the resources required for use as an intelligent communications processor and/or a general purpose VMEbus CPU card or it may be used as a stand alone single board computer.

The BVME770 provides a 68000 CPU, DMA controller, zero wait PROM/RAM, 8 serial interfaces and a real time clock on its local bus. The dual-ported SRAM is accessable to the local bus and to the VMEbus and may act as an efficient communications buffer between the local CPU and the VMEbus. The local CPU or DMA may access the VMEbus as a bus master allowing general purpose VMEbus CPU applications. Its system controller functions and larger memory options enable the BVME775 to also act as the main system CPU.

Eight RS232/422 serial channels
Uses 4 x 8530 or 85230 (BVME775) SCC devices
Speeds up to 38.4Kbaud
68000 CPU with clock up to 16MHz
68450 DMA Controller (optional)
Zero wait CPU access options
32K/128K/512K/1Mbyte static RAM dual port data buffer
Battery backed Real Time Clock and periodic interrupt generation (BVME775)
I/O via P2 with port 7 duplicated on front panel
VMEbus system controller functions (BVME775)
VMEbus Interrupter and handler
Address pipelining support
RESET and ABORT push button switches
Conforms to VMEbus specification C.1
Extensive OS-9 software available
Firmware and stand-alone debugger available

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