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BVME410 - Ethernet Controller - 3U

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The BVME410 3U VMEbus module provides an extremely flexible interface to Ethernet networks. Its built in 'Cheapernet' (10base2) connection via the front panel coax connector makes for a particularly cost effective network connection. Alternatively the front panel AUI connector allows attachment via the conventional drop cable to 'thick wire' (10base5) networks or 10baseT twisted pair adapters..

The local shared memory architecture provides an uncluttered interface to the VMEbus that makes integration within the system very straightforward. At the same time the simplicity of the interface supports very impressive data transfer performance, outperforming many intelligent controllers but without the system complexity.

Extensive software support is provided for the OS-9 Operating System including NFM, TCP/IP and NFS. BVM’s PCLink provides a windowing package into an MSDOS environment.

Ethernet Version 2.0 IEEE802.3 compatible
AMD7990/7992/7996 `LANCE’ chip set
Standard AUI drop cable connector for 10base5
10baseT BNC Coax connector for Thin wire / CheaperNet 10base2 applications
Optimised VMEbus access
Fast (150ns) 16K/64/256Kbytes SRAM shared memory data buffer
VMEbus Interrupter
Programmable interrupt ID
Address pipelining support
SYSFAIL generation on un-initialised status
Supports RMW cycles
VMEbus A24:D16 Slave
Single Eurocard form factor with 3U or 6U front panel
Fully compatible with VMEbus Rev C.1
Extensive OS-9 support including:

  •  ISP - TCP/IP
  •  OS-9 NFM
  •  OS-9 NFS
  •  FieldLink
  •  PC connection using PCLink software

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