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IP-302 - Intelligent Communications Controller

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The IP-302 is a general purpose IndustryPack ™ compatible module built around a 68302 Integrated Multi-protocol Processor. It features an on-board RS485 port, fully opto-isolated with transient suppression, operating over two/four wire asynchronously/synchronously. Speeds of up to 2 Mbits/second are achievable. The IP-302 is optimised for use as a gateway into BVM’s FieldLink distributed fieldbus network but it finds many applications in other communication areas where the microcode of the 68302 offers many advantages. In addition two further serial ports, two counter timers, a watchdog timer and 28 digital I/O lines are available as unbuffered TTL levels allowing the user to implement signal conditioning on an external transition module as required. Communication with the host IndustryPack ™ carrier is via the Dual Ported SRAM which also holds the code for its firmware. The code for the firmware is downloaded following system boot up. A comprehensive debug environment is available for use with OS-9 hosts.


IP-302 Intelligent Communications Controller

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