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IP-IN20/OT20/IO20 - Opto-isolated Input / Output Modules

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The IP-IO20 family of cost effective IndustryPack ™ compatible modules providing twenty opto-isolated I/O connections. Three configurations are available as standard providing 20 input, 20 output or 10 input and 10 output respectively. Isolation of 2.5KVolts is maintained between any two I/O points and the IP bus enabling it to be used in a number of demanding applications. Each input will operate with an input current as low as 2ma. With the standard input resistors input voltages of up to 50Volts can be applied allowing the IP-IO20 to be directly connected to plant wiring. Each input line can be programmed to interrupt on change of state.

The output lines are individually fed via solid state relays which provide isolation from line to line and from the logic interface. Each output is able to drive up to 100ma continuously with a power rating of 125mW. For more demanding applications extended environmental specification modules are available.


IP-IN20 industry pack (24V)
IP-OT20 industry pack
IP-IO20 Industry Pack (24V)

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