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IP-ADC - A-D Converter with High Accuracy and Opto-isolation

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The IP-ADC is a cost effective IndustryPack ™ compatible module providing sixteen analogue input channels which can be either differential or single ended. By careful design the component count in the front end has been kept low ensuring a minimum of induced noise and very low temperature drift.
The IP-ADC uses the AD7890 12 bit converter from Analogue Devices. This is fed by a sixteen channel multiplexor and instrumentation amplifier. The 11mS conversion times allow sustained conversion rates of over 90kHz on a single channel. The on-board precision voltage reference has very low drift characteristics ensuring continued accuracy over a broad range of operating environments. This reference can also be fed back to one of the input channels to provide a temperature compensation facility. Versions of the IP-ADC are available providing inputs of 0-5, 0-10Volt or 0-20 mA. A comprehensive driver for OS-9 is available providing field calibration facilities and also the option of data sampling to minimise noise effects in difficult environments.

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