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BVME3500 - Dual 68360 Communications 6U SBC

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The BVME3500 is a Single Board Computer optimised for communication and protocol switching and routing applications. It provides eleven asynchronous serial ports and a 10baseT ethernet port. It is ideally suited for custom network routing or concentrator applications, or embedded systems requiring many serial ports and industrial I/O. Controlled by a pair of 68360 CPUs in a master/slave configuration, the BVME3500 can take advantage of the wealth of software available for these very popular processors.
The standard double Eurocard form factor allows the BVME3500 to be installed in standard racking. The rear DIN41612 connectors are compatible with VMEbus signals taking its power form P1 and I/O via the P2 connector. This enables the BVME3500 to be installed in vacant VMEbus slots. Alternatively very compact desktop or wall mounting cases are available.

Dual MC68360 processors master/slave
32MHz Processor clocks
4M or 8Mbytes of DRAM
1M or 2Mbytes of FLASH
512K or 2Mbytes of non-volatile SRAM
256bytes of EEPROM
10baseT Ethernet port via front panel RJ45 connector
11 asynchronous serial ports accessible via front edge RJ11 connectors
RS232, RS422 or RS485 individually configurable
Tx and Rx LED indicators on each port
Real time clock.
Reset and abort switches on front panel
IP expansion interface compatible with EXP100 for IndustryPack I/O options.
Comprehensive software support
BDM connector for low level programming/debugging
Self contained double Eurocard form factor
Compact desktop enclosure available


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