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BVME3100 - 68360 6U VMEbus Communications Controller

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The BVME3100, is an Intelligent VMEbus Serial Controller based on the 68360 CPU at 32MHz. Ample memory space is provided with 2Mb BOOTFLASH, 2Mb SRAM, and 8Mb DRAM. Six serial channels are available one with an Ethernet option and one with an ISDN option. Line termination can be selected as RS232, RS422 or RS485. A special feature is the 16 character alphanumeric display on front panel which can be used for user messages or line status indication under software control. A VMEbus Master/Slave Interface is also included enabling the BVME3100 to be used in a variety of applications.

32MHz. CPU Clock
4 or 8Mbytes of 32-bit wide DRAM.
1 or 2Mbyte of 16-bit wide BOOTFLASH PROM (4 x 8-bit wide AM29F040).
512k or 2Mbytes of 32-bit non-volatile (battery backed) SRAM.
256 byte EEPROM for configuration settings.
A24/D16 Master/Slave VMEbus Interface.
VMEbus Interrupter.
VMEbus Interrupt handler.
Location monitor - Mailbox Interrupt.
Single Level Arbiter.
RESET, SYSCLK generator, Bus Timeout BERR generator.
Battery backed Real Time Clock.
Reset/Function (Abort) toggle switch.
16 Character Alphanumeric display on the SPI bus.
EMI Screened display window.
BDM Interface available on front panel.
SCC1 Port provides RS232/422/485 or Ethernet.
SCC1 mode selection under software control.
SCC1 10baseT/AUI Ethernet mode selectable via links.
SCC3 Port provides RS232/422/485 or ISDN.
SCC3 mode selection under software control.
SCC2 and SCC4 ports provide RS232/422/485 serial interface.
SCC2 and SCC4 mode selection under software control.
SMC1 and SMC2 RS232 serial ports.
SCC1, SCC2, SCC3 and SCC4 available via front panel 25 way "D" sockets.
SMC1 and SMC2 available via front panel 9 way "D" sockets.
EMC Compliant 8HP front panel.
BVME3000 architecture compatible.
OS-9 software support.

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