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SP-5200 - DVR Capture & Real-Time Image Card

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1. Proprietary Image compression technology
Technology :
The SP-5200 uses proprietary image compression technology, SCode MPEG4, to a get high compression rate with good image quality.
Benefits :
High image compression ratio can reduce the HDD space.
High image compression ratio can reduce the bandwidth when transferring remote images.
2. Image compression ratio
Dynamic compression ratio : 40 ~ 2000
Average compression ratio : 200
3. Image data rate
Dynamic data rate : 5 ~ 150 MB/Hour/Camera.
Average data rate : 80 MB/Hour/Camera.
Average image size : 0.8 KB/Frame
(Recording conditions : CIF resolution, 30 fps, full motion).
4. Remote image transfer rate
Can send 64 frame/second in 512 Kb bandwidth (In CIF resolution).

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