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BVME305 - 3U VMEbus Counter Timer Module

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The BVME305 is a 3U VMEbus module featuring a pair of AM9513A counter/timer chips. These provide ten 16 bit counters which can be concatenated to give up to 80bit resolution. All the features of the AM9513A are available to the user.

Dual AM9513A Counter/Timers
10 Independent 16bit counters
Up/down binary or BCD counting
Frequency scaler
Alarm comparators
Complex duty cycle outputs
One shot or continuous outputs
Programmable gating of inputs and outputs
Programmable output polarity
4 Independent vectored trigger edge polarity
Fully buffered TTL inputs and outputs
Single Eurocard 3U form factor with 6U front panel option
Extensive software support under the OS-9 Operating System

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