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BVME290 - Watchdog Timer/System Monitor

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The BVME290 is a compact (3U) VMEbus watchdog timer and system monitor module, with a fully compliant VMEbus slave interrupter interface. It observes the +5V, +12V and -12V power lines and the +5VSTANDBY line or the Battery Voltage (all are interrupt link selectable) and can generate an alarm if they fall below VMEbus specified levels. An on board rechargeable Ni-cad provides the facility of battery backup, which feeds the VMEbus +5V standby line during power down. The watchdog is user enabled in software by writing to the watchdog register. Once initialised the watchdog must be written to within a link selectable timescale of 100mS, 1S, 10S or 60S. Failure to write to the watchdog register in the set time will cause an alarm. The BVME290 can also monitor up to 8 external alarms in addition to ACFAIL and SYSFAIL. The SYSFAIL signal can also be driven during an alarm state if it is not being monitored. An alarm condition de-energises the output relay and can cause one of the following conditions to occur; SYSFAIL signal generated, Autovectored Interrupt level 7, Vectored Interrupt level 7 or SYSRESET generation (watchdog).

Power line monitor for: +5Volt +12V +5V STANDBY (Battery)
Variable time user enabled Watchdog 100mS, 1S, 10S, 60S nominal
SYSRESET driver for watchdog alarm
SYSFAIL monitor/driver
ACFAIL monitor
2 output alarm relay contacts
Individual alarm interrupt enable for each alarm conditions
8 external alarm inputs from clean volt free contacts to open during alarm state.
16 bit register holding alarm status of each alarm condition
Optional Interrupt level 7 vectored or autovectored request on all alarms
Battery backup feeding +5VSTANDBY
LED alarm indicators for: ACFAIL SYSFAIL Watchdog Timeout Power Lines External Alarm
Enable/Disable Keyswitch
+5V Current limited supply
Single 3U form factor (6U Optional)
Fully compatible with VMEbus specification revision C.1

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