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BVME227 - VMEbus IEEE488 / GPIB Controller - 3U

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The BVME227 is an advanced GPIB interface for VMEbus. It provides a fully featured interface to IEEE-488 with Talker/Listener as well as full bus controller capability. The interface is built around the industry standard TMS9914A GPIB Controller chip with additional circuitry implemented to provide significant increases in data transfer rates whilst massively reducing system processor overhead.

Full IEEE488.2 Compatibility
TMS9914A based GPIB Interface with additional circuitry for full compliance
256KByte dual ported SRAM DMA buffer
MC68440 Dual Channel DMA Controller
Double buffering allows simultaneous GPIB and VMEbus accesses
Message blocking hardware for very fast, low processor overhead transfers
Optimised A24/A16 D16/D8(OE) Slave VMEbus Interface
VMEbus Interrupter with four programmable vector registers
Software programmable base address for buffer
Single Eurocard form factor with 3U or 6U front panel
Fully supported by OS-9 drivers and utility package

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