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BVME065 - VMEbus SRAM EPROM Flash Module 3U

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The BVME065 is a 3U VMEbus memory module suitable for use with various types of JEDEC pinout RAM ROM and Flash devices ranging from 32K x 8 to 1024K x 8. It fully supports in-system programming of Flash EPROM and EEPROM devices. It consists of three banks of four memory devices. Each bank has its own base address and access time, giving the bank independence as to the memory device type, size and speed. This gives the effect of three separate memory cards of different types.

The BVME065 has a power detection circuit which switches between the +5V, +5V standby or the on board battery, depending on which has the highest voltage. The board also has onboard circuitry which prevents data being written to the memory during backup mode.

The on-board Nickel Cadmium battery is constantly trickle charged, providing enough backup for voltage dips, brown out or even to remove the card and replace it in another system, giving a truly portable memory card. The Flash memory programming voltage is program selectable.

Three independent banks of 4x32 pin byte-wide device sockets for JEDEC compatible device pinouts
12 Mbytes maximum capacity
EPROM devices up to 8Mbit
SRAM devices up to 4Mbit
EEPROM devices up to 1Mbit
Flash-EEPROM devices up to 2Mbit
On-board battery or VMEbus +5STDBY backup
Bank access LED
Battery Low LED
Software switchable Flash EEPROM programming voltage
Each bank has independent:
Write disable switch
Link selectable device size and type
Link selectable DTACK speed
DIP switch selectable base address
Byte or word wide VMEbus access
Single Eurocard form factor with 3U or 6U front panel
Fully compatible to VMEbus Rev. C.1
OS-9 Driver for Flash programming

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