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IP-LAN100 - Network Controller

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This IP uses a standard MII interface to a transition module which can be Twisted-Pair, Fibre or Coaxial. This single size IP will give access to the high speed 100Mbit/sec network at very competitive price to all user's of any Single Board Computer with IP slots. The LAN-100 supports both 10BASE-T Ethernet and 100BASE-TX Fast Ethernet, therefore it can be implemented today in existing 10BASE-T networks, and take advantage of the increased speed of the Fast Ethernet network later without new investment.

This new high performance IP module is compatible with the 100BASE-TX and the 10BASE-T interface standards. Thanks to its large (128 Kbytes) 32-bit buffer connected to the Fast Ethernet VLSI Controller, this LAN-100 IP achieves high performance in data transfer, even if DMA access or the 32 MHz option are not used. However the LAN-100 IP will give the best results when taking advantage of these features.

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