Commell 16/4 Port H.264 PCI A/V Hardware Compression Card – SP-601H2


Commell – SP-601H2 – 16/4 Port H.264 PCI Video & Audio Hardware Compression Card | Surveillance

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Form Factor: PCI Interface
Compression Format: H.264 & MJPEG Hardware Compression (supports multi-stream : H.264 x 2 + MJPEG x 1)
Video Input: 16-channel or 4-channel (option)
Video Output: 1 x Composite
Display Rate:
16-ch: 480/400 fps (NTSC/PAL)
4-ch: 120/100 fps (NTSC/PAL)
Recording Rate:
16-ch: Total 480 fps (NTSC)/400 fps (PAL) @ CIF resolution
16-ch: Total 180 fps (NTSC)/150 fps (PAL) @ D1 resolution
4-ch: Total 480 fps (NTSC)/400 fps (PAL) @ CIF resolution
4-ch: Total 120 fps (NTSC)/100 fps (PAL) @ D1 resolution
Audio Input: 16-channel or 4-channel (option)
Audio Output: 1 x Composite
Internal I/O 16-Channel:
1 x 16-Channel Sensor input;
1 x   4-Channel Alarm output;
1 x 16-Channel Audio input.
Internal I/O 4-Channel:
1 x 16-Channel Sensor input;
1 x   4-Channel Alarm output;
1 x   4-Channel Audio input.
External I/O: 1 x D-25 Video input; 1 x RCA Video output; 1 x RCA Audio output;
OS Support: Windows XP, Linux
SDK : Windows SDK, Linux SDK
Dimensions: 146mm x 95mm

16-Channel Includes video cable: OALDB25-BNC16; Optional audio cables: OAL1P-601H & OALDB25-AUD16

4-Channel Includes video cable: OALDB25-BNC4; Optional audio cables: OAL1P-601H & OALDB25-AUD4

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