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Windows Embedded Standard 2009 (WES2009)

Windows Embedded Standard 2009 is the next generation of Windows XP Embedded which provides all the power and flexibility of Windows XP Professional with the ability to customise the configuration for a particular application. This componentization allows the choice of exactly which drivers, services and applications are included in the final embedded operating system image. This not only provides control over the size of the final image but also allows it to be restricted to only the functions allowed by the system creator. Thus ensuring that rogue programs or drivers are not installed.

BVM can provide ports of Windows Embedded Standard 2009 on CompactFlash cards to go with many of the embedded boards in the range including LV-677, LV-673 and other LV-xxx and Wafer series of boards and Panel PC`s.


Windows Embedded Standard licence – may only be purchased with suitable hardware, such as processor board or system.

Use of the Write Filter in BVM Windows Embedded Standard Systems