DASCOM 8″ Mobile Printer DP-80

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Mobile Printer DP-80

Technology Direct thermal
Print speed up to 50 mm/sec.
Resolution 203 dpi
Interfaces 1x USB
Optional Bluetooth or WiFi
Emulations ESC/POS, ZPL II, CPCL
PostScript, PDF
Print width 210 mm


The DP-80 series printers are the latest in reliable, compact, and innovative thermal printing. This small, full-page printer is rated at 11ppm, and is capable of using continuous roll, perforated rolls, or single sheet thermal paper.

This printer features USB, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity, and is compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS Bluetooth operating systems to provide a wide range of connections. The DP-80 is a true drop-in replacement and fits most mounting systems available for in-vehicle printing. Compatible USB cables, and in-vehicle power adaptors make this printer the perfect addition to any public safety vehicle whether you are outfitting a new fleet or updating your current one.


Highlights at a glance

  • Dual serrated tear edges for clean crisp tear off of your documents
  • Large function buttons on top cover
  • Easy and smooth opening door, with auto loading of paper
  • 2 ips / 11 ppm print speeds
  • Windows, Android, and iOS Bluetooth compatible
  • Small foot print design for efficient mounting options
  • 12/24V vehicle battery cable and 12V cigarette style charger available
  • DP-80 standard model with USB interface
  • DP-80 BT model with Bluetooth interface
  • DP-80 WiFi model with WiFi interface

Models, options and consumables

Model overview
  • DP-80 standard model (Part-No. 28.867.6190)
  • DP-80 BT Bluetooth model(Part-No. 28.867.6271)
  • DP-80 WiFi W-LAN model model (Part-No. 28.867.6299))


  • USB cable (Part-No. 093 232)
  • DC converter cable unterminated (Part-No. 092 8631)
  • In-vehicle adapter for cigarette lighter (12 V) (Part-No. 093 864)
  • In-vehicle adapter for cigarette lighter (12/24 V) (Part-No. 093 446)
  • AC adapter charge & print (220 V) (Part-No. 093 833)


  • Thermal paper Standard (6 rolls, 55 g/m2) (Part-No. 043 150)
  • Thermal paper Premium 10 years (6 rolls, 55 g/m2) (Part-No. 043 151)
  • Thermal paper Premium 25 Jahre (6 rolls, 55 g/m2) (Part-No. 043 152)
  • Thermal paper Premium 25 Jahre Leporello (250 sheets, 77 g/m2, DIN A4) (Part-No. 043 163)
  • Thermal paper Premium 25 Jahre cut-sheet (250 sheets, 77 g/m2, DIN A4) (Part-No. 043 164)



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