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So what does BVM do?

I’m often asked “What does BVM do?”  

"We make embedded conputer systems".  " So what are they?"

To explain in layman's language is not a simple answer. Imagine if you will ...

                                      ........ it’s a cold dark winters morning, your alarm goes off, you turn on the light and maybe the heating. BVM’s products will have been working throughout the night controlling the turbines in power stations that produce the electricity you need.

You finish breakfast and drive to the station. Chances are you’ll have been in the view of cctv cameras monitoring traffic congestion. BVM’s custom design embedded systems are used to control these cameras.Outdoor rugged embedded system

Park your car at the station and again BVM have a hand in ticketing. Catch the tube into London and we’ve had a part to play there too delivering the train status information via our custom designed communications controllers.

You arrive at the office and the heating system has been busy making a comfortable environment for you  to work In. Our industrial panel PCs provide the control for the HVAC systems in many uk offices and schools.

Mid morning and a delivery arrives.  The cardboard box was probably produced on a machine with a  BVM controller at the centre.

Lunch time and you grab a sandwich from the canteen. The plastic film used to preserve it is manufactured to fine tolerances and is most likely to have been controlled by BVM industrial embedded systems.

Light Industrial Panel PCOn your way home your wife calls to say she is going to the tanning salon in preparation for your upcoming holiday. Again BVM has light industrial panel PCs in many tanning salons monitoring usage and ensuring their safe operation.

Home alone.  Don’t worry there’s some food saved on a plate in the fridge covered in plastic film. Again the probability is that the manufacture of this film was controlled by a BVM industrial embedded  systems.

Relax, turn on the TV to watch a live concert.  Embedded motherboards

Chances are both the audio and video feeds are being processed by a systems using BVM embedded boards.

So to answer the question is not a simple answer.  At BVM we like to make life easier for our customers to help their customers succeed. And no, BVM isn’t a household name because we make custom embedded PC systems which usually have someone else’s logo on the front.  As we say "We're the manufacturer behind the solutions you know"

So if your business needs a panel PC or embedded computer talk to BVM. That way you can concentrate on you company's specialty and leave the PC design and manufacture to us.

Try calling BVM today to see how we can help your business grow.

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