What do BVM Provide?

What do BVM Provide?

Who are BVM – and what do we provide?

BVM are systems integrator specialising in providing embedded computing solutions – whether you need something that’s standard or customised to your own bespoke needs.

We’ve been operating from our Southampton base for just over 30 years now – from our early beginnings as a provider of VMEbus (Versa Module Eurocard) solutions through to modern day embedded industrial PC solutions in variety of formats and platforms.  

Our 30 years has seen us build long standing partnerships with global OEM’s which in turn has generated a customer base which has trusted in us providing reliable products & services to make what they do the very best in their field. Quite often, we’re the manufacturer behind the solutions you’ll know and use on an everyday basis – from services in & around using public transportation through to the use of energy in your home.

Our team consists of a cross mix of experiences – electrical & electronics engineering, mechanical design, production engineering and good commercial acumen. But ultimately, we’re all enthusiasts around any kind of industrial PC solution that we’re capable of providing – hopefully solutions that we can apply in the provision for what you need.

At BVM it’s not all about PC hardware, though; we also specialise in the configuration and deployment of embedded Microsoft operating systems. We’ve also been doing that quite a while as well; from our early beginnings with Windows NT back in year 2000 through to Windows 10 IoT operating systems, today.

And if your requirement is for us to bring all of our collective skills together in achieving the product you need – we can help you with our ‘design & build to order’ services. With our production facilities also located in Southampton, our abilities lie in making products manufacturable on a repeatable basis. We believe producing a functional design is only half the task – developing a manufacturable product also being a major part, i.e. designing for manufacture.

So, now you know a little more about BVM and what we do. The level of service you take from us is entirely your prerogative – but no matter how involved, we’ll always provide you with valuable but impartial advice around the products and services that BVM supply.

BVM Design and Manufacturing Services: The manufacturer behind the solutions you know

When a standard embedded design won’t suffice for what you need, you can always turn to BVM for help and use our custom design and manufacturing services.