Touch Screen Integration and Display Enhancement Services

Touch Screen Integration

And Display Enhancement Services

Integration of TFT Displays and Associated Technologies

As a systems integrator, BVM’s custom designs frequently require means of a visual output when customers use our build to order services. BVM can engineer the right visual solution befitting the application and the environment it’s to be deployed within. Unlike other integrators, BVM are agnostic where specific display manufacturers are concerned – making use of direct and indirect relationships with an established supply chain built up over our 30 years + of existence that serves every need of our display design in processes. Without bias, we only select and use TFT’s & peripherals befitting to the application – which means we can meet the demands of the most challenging of applications where the deployment of displays & associated technologies is concerned.

Factors such as physical profile, viewing angles, contrast and brightness constitute our considerations towards selecting the right choice of display for an industrial application. Viewing enhancement technologies such as TN, MVA or IPS also play their part in the narrowing down of our choice of solution.

Touch Screen Integration and Display Enhancement Services

We offer a range of TFT/LCD customizations, including:

Customised TFT/LCD module design
Touchscreen and cover glass customisation
Custom firmware
Custom controller design

Touch Screen Integration and Display Enhancement Services

We also offer a range of support products, these include:

Custom cable design
Custom power supply design
Custom chassis design

Touch Screen Integration and Display Enhancement Services

For those looking for more comprehensive customisation options, we offer finished monitor customisation services.

This can include:

Standard off the shelf product customisation:
Custom bezel colours and Custom logo
Custom open frame chassis design
Complete custom monitor design

PoE Display 1

Display lifetime availability – making the right choice for your application

It’s inevitable that in an industrial display’s lifetime availability program, addressing an ‘end of life’ situation will need to be navigated at some stage. This is part & parcel of BVM’s provision around our ‘materials management services’ – which constitutes any product that BVM supply (issuing of EOL notifications to allow contingencies, the management of last time purchasing and advice & help in transferring to the next generation of product). However, right from the start BVM will only ever advise display product where there’s a good forward compatibility program – i.e. repeatability in dimensioning and physical attributes such as positioning of electrical & data connectors and tail positioning on the next generation of product.

Controllers – Lighting and Touch

The majority of TFT solutions have pre-integrated integrated LED backlight drivers allowing for easier integration. However, where certain markets require a little more control and reliability, BVM can supply and integrate separate LED backlight drivers where they’re needed.


BVM’s core business is in the provision of embedded PC solutions – in all form factors with a multitude of performance levels.

This goes hand in hand with BVM’s display integration services; as well as integrating the display and touchscreen with the required motherboard, BVM will also design and produce any peripheral supporting cabling (such as LVDS and backlight cabling) – customise the BIOS where needed and ensure extended operation with a customised embedded operating system for attended and non-attended applications. BVM also design & produce custom baseboards solutions for SOM/COM CPU modules – and design and produce custom power supplies and cooling solutions to thermally manage the overall solution.

Touch Screen Integration
BVM Ruggedized Vehicle Satellite Navigational Unit with resistive touch display

Touchscreen Technologies in Modern Human-Machine Interfaces

Touchscreen technology is no longer a luxury but a necessity in the realm of industrial interfaces.
Below, we’ll explore the pivotal touch technologies utilized in human-machine interaction.

Touch Screen Integration - Resistive

Projected Capacitive Touch (PCAP/PCT)

  • High Sensitivity: PCAP technology detects touch through a protective layer, ensuring durability.
  • Multi-Touch Capability: Supports gestures like pinching and swiping, allowing for intuitive user interactions.
  • Transparency: Offers crystal-clear displays due to high light transmittance, enhancing the visual experience.
Touch Screen Integration - PCAP

Resistive Touch Technology

  • Pressure Sensitivity: Responds to any form of touch, regardless of the material type.
  • Cost-Effective: Generally more affordable; thus, widely used in a variety of applications.
  • Versatility: Well-suited for environments where users wear gloves or other protections.

Display Enhancements

Enhancing display units not only involves the selection of the right touch technology but also implementing enhancements like optical bonding.

Display Enhancement - Optical Bonding

Optical Bonding

  • Improved Readability: By filling the gap between the display and touch panel with a clear adhesive, optical bonding reduces light refraction, which improves visibility even in bright conditions.
  • Durability: It provides added sturdiness to the touch display, protecting against dust, moisture, and impact.
  • Touch Sensitivity: Enhances the responsiveness of the touch interface, offering a smoother user experience.

In industry settings, where dealing with harsh conditions is common, these technologies and enhancements ensure that devices can withstand
the rigors of their environment while maintaining high-performance levels.


Customisation, Performance and Reliability

  • Extensive portfolio of industrial TFT panels in sizes ranging from 4.3″ to 65″
  • A wide range of Touchscreen monitors, starting at 7”, going through to 24”
  • Supporting integration x86 or ARM embedded motherboards, porting & deployment of O/S
  • Integration of a range of diverse touch technologies, inclusive of resistive, capacitive and projective capacitive – with bonding of protective cover glass lenses
  • Customised tail positions
  • Application of anti-reflective and anti-glare coatings
  • Customised pressed and CNC machined housings and bezels 


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