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Transportation Solutions

Transport and Smart City IPC Solutions

When global government drives to further increase the efficiencies of their national transportation systems in delivering reliable and flexible services, the involvement of technology to play its part in helping deliver those services has never been greater.

BVM’s Transport Solutions (in-vehicle, marine and rail) can help address, what can often be, complex requirements via Rugged Motherboards and Industrial System PC’s.  Our products can meet the demands of harsh working temperatures (-40°C to +85°C) and are equipped with a wide power input range to ensure operation remains ‘up’ and continued in those environments.

Where a more befitting or tailored solution is required, with its complement of integration services BVM can help you with BIOS or O/S customisation.  With more than 30 years of experience of being a provider of embedded solutions & associated services, BVM can comprehensively support you in providing and assisting with intelligent transportation applications.

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In-Vehicle Solutions

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Case Study: London Underground Rail Communications – Custom Modem

Custom quad modem design for railway system communication. Low speed modem for multi-drop information flow in track side operation.

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Not surprisingly, transportation systems rely on technologies  to provide safe and reliable data transmission – with increasingly faster and more efficient transfer; applications where network connectivity and computing capability are embedded in smart objects, sensors and other devices, allowing them to exchange data over a network. Transportation hardware can achieve stable, high-speed information transfer between devices by utilising  high bandwidth interfaces (typically Ethernet, PCIe, and miniPCIe) on reliable, high-performance industrial-grade motherboards.

Where quite often space-constrained applications can be the norm, the size of embedded motherboard can quickly become the focus of attention – equally as much as its functionality.  Applications such ticketing machines, fare collection machines, and card application systems are designed with small/ slim footprints that still achieve the provision of  functionality whilst retaining flexibility in space-constrained environments. Compact Industrial-grade Motherboards such as Pico-ITX Solutions and 3.5” SBCs  Solutions provide feature rich i/o for such applications.

On the latter, the challenge is to be able to provide the required i/o, inclusive of the i/o shield, within a ‘thin envelope’ of space. With BVM’s selection of certified board lay-outs, our narrow-width boards can provide features such as three independent display outputs supporting HDMI, LVDS, VGA, DVI or DP– additionally supporting up to 9 USB 3.0/2.0 ports, 4 COM ports and expansion slots.

System on Modules

With increasing usage of public transport systems, ease of maintenance (and on-going maintenance) within transportation systems is a critical item to address for system integrators.

BVM’s SOM (system-on-module) hardware solutions and value add design services provide upgradable designs in combination with ensuring life-time availability of product. Our System on Module solutions come with both high powered Intel iCore, AMD Ryzen and low powered Atom series processors.

Where the cost of product development can be dramatically reduced as each generation of your product moves on to meet future demands of its environment, equally – this hold true from the commence of product life, where SOM’s promote :-

  • Lower engineering costs
  • Lower product costs
  • Lower cost of life cycle management

Basic changes during the next design phase, or even in the middle of the products life, are more easily manageable. Plug in the next generation of SOM module to :-

  • Lower design risk
  • Lower transition risk

Consequently providing for :-

  • Faster time to market for product
  • Faster reaction time to market changes

Items such as coin & note validators or ticket dispensers – where changes in legislation, tender or just general technology improvements  may need to apply, expansion capabilities required for transportation systems and their ‘future proofing’ become  critical design considerations.

With multiple expansion interfaces, our modules allow various peripheral devices such as smart card readers, receipt printers, cash and coin counters, LCD monitors and coin hoppers to be incorporated via a vast array of I/O connectivity.

RoadTrafficControlDVR 2

Case Study: Road Traffic Control – Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

Our client provides traffic and parking systems for the intelligent monitoring and maintaining of free flowing traffic around bus lanes, yellow box junctions and red routes for towns and cities across the UK and USA.

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Industrial Computing

For Embedded PC Systems, required features such as 24/7 stable operation in a rugged industrial design format is necessary to run in the challenging environmental conditions of heavy-workload ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems).

Our embedded systems are mechanically robust with components and cable free designs to enhance anti-vibration capability and improve shock resistance.

Anti vibrational qualities and an extended operating temperature range enable BVM systems PC’s to perform under extremely challenging conditions such as uneven surface roads and  extreme or adverse weather conditions

To meet more the complex or exacting application demands, BVM provide integrated systems with modular flexibility and scalability. System dimensions and thermal design are customised to space and environmental limitations. Our solutions support 9 -36 volts input – designed for device damage protection from unstable power supply and the use of replaceable (modular) I/O boards assure the promotion of available up time of your product.

BVM’s success stems from their 30 years decades in helping customers build their systems to meet their requirements for in-vehicle applications, traffic management surveillance systems and trackside (rail) safety systems.

LevelCrossingSafetySystem 2

Case Study: Rail – Level Crossing Safety Systems

Here at BVM, we work on a wide range of projects, applying a range of expertise. Here we discuss our design and manufacture of a system PC, highlighting the challenge and our solution, plus much more.

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AI-based Surveillance Solutions

Video surveillance is getting more powerful and smarter with the advancement of technology, especially with AI. By using AI deep learning algorithm, the accuracy rate of video analytic results is greatly improved. When we have precise data, we can use them to make forecasts or to gain business insight. For example, age and gender data are very helpful to marketers for deciding the target audience. IEI has been closely collaborating with Taiwan well-known intelligent video analytic companies, like Gorilla Technology, CyberLink Corp. and LEADERG INC, to provide AI based surveillance solutions.

Transport IPC Solutions

Industrial Displays

Advances in digital signage technology in recent years has given rise to further use of TFT displays in transportation hubs such as airports, railway stations and bus stops to provide real-time travel information, interactive advertising and enhanced customer services for travellers.

Displays used both for indoor & outdoor applications require 24/7 reliable operation with resistance to environmental factors such as sunlight, dust or humidity. BVM provides bar-type display solutions available in multiple panel sizes designed to accommodate the demands of non-standard mechanical sizes with tight space constraints, lending themselves to bus, tram or rail.

Features including wide viewing angles, high brightness, wide operating temperatures and industrial-grade ruggedness for operation in a wide range of transportation application environments; bus stop information systems, ticketing machines and outdoor advertising.

In addition, BVM provides customisation services to design and manufacture displays that meet your unique demands. With our OEM partner network, we can tailor bespoke solutions to your exacting requirements into cost-effective and well engineered solutions for virtually all kinds of transportation environments.



Whether we’re utilising our own manufacturing & production facilities here in Southampton – or our ecosystem of partners in Asia, BVM can cope with any size or complexity of batch manufacturing.  Our production team are highly motivated with a flexible “can do” attitude ensuring consistent quality and on-time delivery.

BVM have made the investment in CAD to provide the latest tools for its electronic & mechanical hardware design and integration team. This is essential when it comes to ensuring accurate integration of TFT displays, embedded motherboards, wireless and cellular connectivity, enclosure design, additional electronics and a products overall look and feel…

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Whether a new printed circuit assembly or an embedded system, prototypes can be produced for design verification and functional testing with your application software. Environmental & extended temperature testing, EMC testing and general cosmetic and functional tests are all part of the services we provide around product design so discrepancies can be identified & rectified before your product is released for manufacture & marketing…

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It’s relatively straightforward to get up and running with an embedded O/S, but to obtain a robust, optimised and secure operating system – a deeper understanding is required. Our own processes are proven – and we can provide you with guidance on how an implementation should be configured with consideration to the implications of using flash storage, write filters, resilience to attack and system recovery procedures…

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Whether we’re utilising our own manufacturing & production facilities here in Southampton – or our ecosystem of partners in Asia, BVM can cope with any size or complexity of batch manufacturing. Our production team are highly motivated with a flexible “can do” attitude ensuring consistent quality and on-time delivery.