Transportation and SMART City Solutions

Transportation Solutions

As governments strive to enhance their national transportation systems, the role of technology in providing reliable and flexible services is increasingly critical.

BVM’s Transport (in-vehicle, marine and rail) and SMART City Solutions can help address, what can often be, complex requirements via Rugged Motherboards and Industrial System PC’s. Our products can meet the demands of harsh working temperatures (-40°C to +85°C) and are equipped with a wide power input range to ensure operation remains ‘up’ and continued in those environments.

Where a more tailored Transportation Solution is required, BVM can help you with hardware selection and configuration, and BIOS or O/S customisation.  With more than 30 years of experience of being a provider of embedded solutions & associated services, BVM can support you in providing and assisting with intelligent transportation applications.

Industrial and Embedded Motherboards

These features highlight the suitability of industrial motherboards and embedded SBCs for critical and long-term applications across various demanding conditions

  • Enhanced Temperature: Industrial and Embedded boards can operate across a wide temperature range from -40°C to +85°C, perfectly fitting the needs of intelligent transportation systems.
  • Superior Construction and Durability: Constructed with robust materials designed to resist the severe conditions often encountered in industrial settings.
  • Increased System Reliability: Built to maintain high performance and dependability during continuous operation and under extreme conditions.
  • Advanced ESD Protection: Features superior electrostatic discharge protection for all inputs and outputs, adhering to the IEC 61000-4-2 standards.
  • Extended Availability: These motherboards are designed to remain available for purchase longer than standard commercial models, typically 5 – 7 years.
  • Legacy Interface Support: Includes options for legacy ports and interfaces, crucial for compatibility with established systems within intelligent transportation.
  • Industrial Certifications: Come with necessary certifications, ensuring compliance with industry-specific requirements for transportation and industrial use.
  • Integrated Safety Mechanisms: Offers essential safety measures such as watch-dog timers, secure boot, and hardware-based security vital for critical in-vehicle functions.

Motherboards and SBCs

Industrial Grade Motherboards and Embedded System PCs provide the backbone for Transportation Solutions, they are revision controlled and are available for a longer time scale compared to commercial motherboard’s and typically operate over a wider temperature range than their commercial equivalents.

Transportation Solutions - SBC
Transportation and SMART City Solutions Mini-ITX

Mini-ITX Motherboards and SBCs

Long Life Industrial and Embedded Mini-ITX Motherboards. A Mini-ITX Motherboard is a solution that offers performance with low power and long-life availability. Mini-ITX is a specification for a motherboard measuring 170 x 170 mm with a conventional I/O shield as used on larger scale motherboards.

Computer-on-Modules (COMs)

These features make Computer-On-Modules highly suitable for deployment in demanding conditions where traditional computing hardware might fail

  • High Performance: Equipped with powerful processors and efficient architectures to handle rigorous computing tasks without compromising operational stability.
  • Energy Efficiency: Designed to consume less power, which is crucial in environments where energy usage must be minimized.
  • Wide Temperature Range: Designed to operate effectively in extreme temperatures, typically ranging from -40°C to +85°C.
  • Rugged Build Quality: Strong, durable materials and construction allow the modules to withstand physical stresses and strains typical in harsh environments.
  • Shock and Vibration Resistance: Engineered to withstand shocks and vibrations, ensuring consistent performance and reliability in industrial environments.
  • Long-term Availability: Support for extended product life cycles, ensuring that the same model is available for a longer period compared to commercial modules.
  • Certifications: Often carry certifications like IECEx, ATEX for explosion-proof requirements, and others specific to industrial and environmental standards.
  • Scalability and Customization: Carrier boards can be customized and scaled in configuration to meet specific needs, providing flexibility in deployment.
  • Integrated Safety Features: Safety features such as watchdog timers, secure boot and hardware-based security support critical applications where failure is not an option.

System-On-Module products are the ideal solution for many space-constrained applications where the
build-up of heat within the operating environment can become an issue.

Transportation and SMART City Solutions - COM Express


COM/SOM modules are ideal for applications where product time to market and longevity of solution are critical to your business. Today’s COM modules mainly come in two main formats; COM Express (COMe) in Mini, Compact, Basic and Qseven.

Plugged into carrier boards (baseboard), they can be upgraded to newer, backwards-compatible versions as processor technology capability progresses. COM/SOM modules are typically used in Industrial, military, aerospace, gaming, medical and transportation.

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Industrial Computing

Industrial Computers and Embedded Systems are vital for dependable, efficient, and secure functioning in Transportation and SMART City applications

  • Rugged and Reliable: BVM industrial and embedded PC systems are engineered for continuous 24/7 operation in industrial environments. Ideal for heavy-workload ITS.
  • Mechanical Robustness: Designed with cable-free internals for enhanced anti-vibration features and shock resistance.
  • Adverse Conditions Ready: High anti-vibrational attributes and an operating temperature range built for challenging scenarios, such as rough terrains and harsh weather.
  • Power Protection: Supports a 9-36 volts input range to prevent damage from unstable power and utilizes modular I/O boards for maximized uptime.
  • Customization and Flexibility: Adaptable to complex applications with custom dimensions and thermal designs suitable for confined spaces.
  • Proven Track Record: With over 30 years of expertise, BVM tailors systems for in-vehicle use, traffic management, and rail safety applications.

BVM can tailor your System PC of choice to your exact specification including processor, memory, storage and operating system.

In-Vehicle PCs

In-vehicle and Intelligent Transportation Solutions available with Intel i3 / i5 / i7 / Celeron CPU’s. Tested under extreme temperature conditions and designed to withstand the shock and vibration that comes with driving a vehicle. All our In-Vehicle and Intelligent Transportation solutions meet the demands of harsh working environments.

In-Vehicle Fleet Management: IVS-110-AL
• License Plate Recognition: ES220-CS (5G)
• Roadway Transportation: VC300-CS (MXM, 5G), VC230-AL (5G)
• Railway Transportation: RC300-CS (MXM, 5G)

Vehicle Solutions
Rail Solutions

Rail PCs

Railway Certified Embedded PC Systems available with Intel i3 / i5 / i7 / Celeron CPU’s. EN45545, EN50155 and EN50121-4 Certification. Suitable for demanding IIoT applications in the railway sector, including tasks like monitoring and controlling speed, temperature and security, or for fleet management.

Rail Solutions
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Case Study: Rail – Level Crossing Safety Systems

Marine PCs

IEC60945 Marine Certified PCs are reliable, rugged and highly rated for their waterproof, durable and fanless designs, ideal for use within harsh environments. Aimed at maritime professionals and found in the dock, on the deck, the bridge and control rooms, Marine Embedded PC Systems are protected from water, dust and any stray electrical signals making them perfect for use on ships.

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Case Study: Transportable Control Centre
• Winmate ECDIS Marine Panel PCs

Marine Solutions

AI-based Transportation and SMART City Solutions

AI-based Transportation Solutions

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the transportation industry. Through autonomous vehicles, supply chain optimization, and improved air travel systems, AI enhances route efficiency, lowers costs, speeds up deliveries, and boosts safety, predicting a revolution in transportation logistics and services.

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Transportation and the SMART City

Here are a few examples of how artificial intelligence (AI) is being used in transportation and the smart city:

  • Autonomous Vehicles: AI facilitates unmanned operation in vehicles like cars and drones, enhancing navigation and route decision-making.
  • Traffic Management: AI analyzes sensor data to improve traffic flow and reduce congestion through smart adjustments like traffic light timing.
  • Public Transportation: AI optimizes public transit routes and schedules, and provides real-time passenger updates on delays and rerouting.
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management: AI streamlines supply chain operations, managing goods distribution and route planning efficiently.
  • Energy Management: AI improves energy efficiency in infrastructure by managing systems like heating, cooling, and electricity distribution.
  • Environmental Monitoring: AI monitors and analyzes environmental conditions, aiding in public health and ecological trend analysis.

The hardware required to support artificial intelligence (AI) can vary depending on the specific  application and the type of AI being used. Some AI algorithms are computationally intensive and require powerful hardware to run effectively.

Deep learning algorithms, which are used for tasks such as image and speech recognition, typically require specialised hardware such as graphics processing units (GPUs) to run efficiently. GPUs are designed to perform the complex matrix calculations that are required for deep learning – and they can be much faster than traditional central processing units (CPUs) at these types of tasks.

Other types of AI, such as rule-based systems, may not require as much computational power and can be run on standard CPUs.

SMART City Solutions

Industrial Displays

  • Advancements in Digital Signage: Enhanced technology for better use in transportation hubs such as airports and railway stations.
  • TFT Displays: Essential for providing real-time travel updates and interactive advertising.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Compatibility: These displays offer 24/7 reliability, resisting sunlight, dust, and moisture.
  • Bar-Type Displays: Perfectly sized for buses and trains, they offer wide viewing angles, high brightness, and durability.
  • Applications: Ideal for information systems and outdoor advertising in various transportation settings.
  • Customisation Services: BVM tailors display solutions through an OEM partner network, ensuring cost-effective, high-quality options.
TFT Displays

Displays and Touchscreen Monitors

We frequently marry IPC solutions to drive & control TFT displays in the provision of an overall solution; whether that’s the need to simply read & understand data output or providing a means of interaction (HMI) for the control and interrogation of parameters.

For user interaction, we can provide single point touch through to ‘pinch’, ‘zoom’ and multipoint gesturing. We can accommodate for ambient lighting conditions with the application of anti-glare or anti-reflective coatings, optical bonding and upgrading of backlighting.

Transportation and SMART City Solutions

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