Kiosk Printers

Kiosk Printers

Seiko Kiosk Printers

The Seiko Thermal Kiosk Printer Series “Edito” are the perfect solution for your individual needs. Fast, reliable and variable: These are the core statements which define these high-quality manufactured Thermal Printers.

In addition to the base model there is an output control model with a push and pull detection function available. A presenter model including a presenter control module and a presenter/retractor model with internal printing function is completing this advanced printer series.

For easy setup and control of the printer a sophisticated firmware is provided.  Many internal fonts have already been embedded, additional fonts can be downloaded for character sizes from 6×8 to 64×64 dots. The printer can operate with paper widths from 58 mm to 83 mm. An illuminated bezel indicates the availability of a ticket very clearly. All these features provide you a great flexibility for a number of applications.

  • A high class Kiosk printer solution, multivarious and extremely fast
  • 24V range -Paper width adjustable – Auto Loading
KSM347 Kiosk Printers
  • Base Model KSM347: print mechanism, controller, paper holder and flex paper channel
  • Output Control Model KSM347O: base model including output control module with anti jam control and active pull protection
  • Presenter Model KSM347P: base model including presenter control module for save paper handling
  • Retractor Model KSM347R: presenter model including retractor control module for save paper handling and possible paper retraction. Also  internal printing possible (no access from outside)
Kiosk Printer - Barcode
Kiosk Printer
Kiosk Printer - GAS / POS

Nippon Primex Kiosk Printers

Nippon Primex specializes in the development, manufacturing, and sales of industrial mini printers. Their aim to contribute to society by offering high-quality technology, product knowledge, and know-how essential for societal growth from a global perspective.

Their mission is to elevate enterprise value, foster perpetual growth, and establish a robust corporate foundation. They achieve this by delivering our unique, high-quality technology, products, and services to both domestic and international markets, adhering to sound business management principles. This enables Nippon to fulfil their vision in an era of rapidly evolving information technology and diverse customer needs.

what is a kiosk printer?

What is a Kiosk Printer?

Kiosk printers can take many forms but they all have one thing in common; being are hidden away inside a machine. One reason there are so many different kiosk printers on the market is that the applications for them are so diverse. Their purpose can be anything from a fuel pump issuing a receipt, a ticket machine on a railway platform, or a check-in booth in a hospital waiting room.

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