Design to Order: OEM/ODM Embedded Product Design Services

Embedded Product Design to Order Service for the OEM:

Concept, Design and Manufacture

Here at BVM, all our designs are implemented against an ISO 9001-2015 quality management system. Any potential issues concerned with power supply, thermal management, vibration, and EMC are all accounted for at the early stages of a products design.


Design Services Include

  • FREE Pre-design / Pre-sales advise
  • Prototyping – Custom PC Design, Custom Panel PC, Custom Racks or Custom Peli Case PC
  • Prototyping pre checks (chargeable one-time fee for existing prototype)
    • Hardware compatibility
    • Thermal testing
    • Software compatibility
  • Custom PCB / Board Design
  • Custom Chassis Design
  • Custom Cables
  • Custom Back Panels and Faceplates
  • Custom Cooling
  • Custom Metal Work (internal brackets, mounting brackets)
  • Touchscreen Integration and Display Enhancements
  • Software – Custom OS Image

custom design pc

“A successful product not only requires a competent functional design……
….it also needs to be designed for manufacture.”


BVM Products are Designed for Manufacture (DFM)

Design for Manufacture (Design for Manufacturability or DFM) is the engineering process of designing products to ensure they’re efficient to manufacture – and the implementation differs widely depending on the manufacturing technologies to be deployed and the type of product to be manufactured.

Quite often, designers will plan a high level of detail into a product before volume production starts, the design being refined along the way until the end product is achieved. This approach, potentially, can be unproductive providing for inefficiencies – both in time and money.

However, here at BVM our engineers are also designers, where, like a designer, we’ll plan out our designs to a high level of detail, but also take into consideration:

  • Production and Maintenance needs of the product
  • Production costs
  • Maintenance costs
  • Environmental effects

BVM’s Design for Manufacture processes will allow potential issues to be identified within design phase, which is the cost effective place to catch & address them.

Save Time Save Money

BVM products are built with high quality Industrial PC Components.

Our OEM designs can be made to be suitable for everyday, indoor use – or even harsh environments, where operation in wide & diverse temperature expanses is a must. Additionally, our designs can be made to be shock resistant, dust and waterproof – and optimised for 24/7 running.

Our choice of Industrial PC Components provide for long production availabilities of your product, typically between 5 and 7 years  – where, should you require, we can also extend designs for longer availabilities allowing  your product to be manufactured for the years beyond those typically expected for an industrial design.


Concept, Design and Manufacture

At BVM, we pride ourselves in our ability to gather a clear understanding of our clients products needs, right from the start.  We always begin by deriving a ‘requirement specification’ – which can be a written specification, a working prototype or ‘mock up’ provided by you – or even a just a ‘wish list’ around how you want your product to function in the environment it’s destined for.  Whatever the format, our engineering & commercial team will create a design specification agreed with & signed off by you.

Concept Design

Because we’ve honed our skills over the years that BVM have existed, our engineering & technical support team know what makes a successful design (and just as importantly, what doesn’t) around the requirements of an embedded system. These are just some of the areas where we apply our skills:

  • Considerations needed for power requirements of a systemdesign integration
  • Thermal management of systems
  • Design for Manufacturability and Test
  • Component selection for lifetime availability
  • Obsolescence Planning


After we’ve agreed the requirement & design specification with you, the detailed design work begins – resulting in the production of a “proof of concept” – a working unit to verify your application software’s functionality, aesthetics – the all round look & feel of your product.


We can follow the proof of concept by further producing a number of pre-production/field trial prototypes to further verify the design for manufacturability and testability. From start to finish, the whole process is defined by BVM’s Quality Management System which is audited and certified to comply with ISO-9001 -2015.

custom design 02

Custom-Board.jpgCustom PCB Design

At BVM we have an established history of design and manufacture of embedded computer boards. From the early days of VMEbus board design through to Compact PCI and PMC Module design. BVM now designs custom baseboards for System On Module applications using Computer on Modules (COM) such as COM Express, Qseven or ETX

Custom-Chassis.jpgCustom Chassis Design

Not everything ‘off the shelf’ will be a fit for your specific application – which is fine, quite often one size doesn’t fit all.  With our CAD design team using the very latest in 3D modeling software, BVM engineering will  custom design metal work to provide the exact fit needed to house & accommodate motherboards, TFT displays with integrated touch, cabling – and any other peripheral devices needed to aid your application.

Custom-Screen.jpgTouch Screen Integration and Display Enhancement Services

More and more of the products we use in our everyday lives require a means of interaction via their display output. At BVM we have the ability to integrate the touch screen solution that’s befitting your application, so whether you need single point of touch or full ’10 point’ interactivity with on screen gesturing (‘flick, zoom, pinch’) – we’ll integrate the touch solution that provides functionality you need.  In addition, we also provide other display enhancement services, ensuring your product can always be seen and read within their surrounding environment lighting conditions.

Our projects have included:-

  • Advanced PCI Express peripherals and expansion bridges.
  • High specification PCI Express splitter devices to allow multiple devices to be driven from standard embedded motherboards
  • Baseboards for Computer-on-Module processor boards, such as COM ExpressQseven and ETX implementing customers I/O & display requirements onto the baseboard and allowing processing to be handled by a standard module.

Design to Order



Whether we’re utilising our own manufacturing & production facilities here in Southampton – or our ecosystem of partners in Asia, BVM can cope with any size or complexity of batch manufacturing.  Our production team are highly motivated with a flexible “can do” attitude ensuring consistent quality and on-time delivery.

BVM have made the investment in CAD to provide the latest tools for its electronic & mechanical hardware design and integration team. This is essential when it comes to ensuring accurate integration of TFT displays, embedded motherboards, wireless and cellular connectivity, enclosure design, additional electronics and a products overall look and feel…

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Whether a new printed circuit assembly or an embedded system, prototypes can be produced for design verification and functional testing with your application software. Environmental & extended temperature testing, EMC testing and general cosmetic and functional tests are all part of the services we provide around product design so discrepancies can be identified & rectified before your product is released for manufacture & marketing…

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It’s relatively straightforward to get up and running with an embedded O/S, but to obtain a robust, optimised and secure operating system – a deeper understanding is required. Our own processes are proven – and we can provide you with guidance on how an implementation should be configured with consideration to the implications of using flash storage, write filters, resilience to attack and system recovery procedures…

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We like to make life easier ….

Our Embedded Manufacturing services are intended to allow our customers to concentrate on their own immediate business needs, knowing that the design and configuration is taken care of by BVM.

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    Whether we’re utilising our own manufacturing & production facilities here in Southampton – or our ecosystem of partners in Asia, BVM can cope with any size or complexity of batch manufacturing. Our production team are highly motivated with a flexible “can do” attitude ensuring consistent quality and on-time delivery.