In-vehicle Thermal Printers

Dascom In-vehicle Thermal Printers

Do you need to print while on the road?
In-vehicle printing has never been so easy!

BVM Limited can now provide you with a range of in-vehicle thermal printers from Tally Dascom for your mobile and vehicle-based applications.

These in-vehicle thermal printers are more than just mobile, as they can be permanently mounted and powered by the vehicle battery. Users include the emergency services, utility companies and fleet vehicles. Print widths up to A4 size and communication via USB, Bluetooth or WiFi. BVM’s in-vehicle printer is perfect for printing receipts, invoices, tickets and more on the move.

DASCOM 8″ (A4) DP-581
In-vehicle Thermal Printer

  • Easy-to-read control interface and simple drop-in paper loading
  • Dual tear bars allow easy tear-offs
  • True WYSIWYG printing with the Windows driver
  • Printer integration is quick and easy with Windows driver or Android and Microsoft SDKs (Apple iOS under preparation)

The DP-581 in-vehicle thermal printer is a low profile, highly reliable mobile printer for a variety of applications. Fully self-contained unit means easy to deploy and easy to use. DP-581 is the latest in full page mobile thermal printing. This rugged printer is packed with advanced features to help your mobile workforce become more productive.

The DP-581 vehicle printer is great for when workers need to stay focused on their job, not their printers. That’s because the DP-581 is engineered to create crisp, professional looking full page receipts, tickets, invoices, schematics, etc. automatically and reliably. One look will convince you — DP-581 takes full page mobility and ease of use to a whole new level.

DP230 In-vehicle Thermal Printer

DASCOM 3″ Mobile Printer DP-230L

  • Operates with comfort thanks to its OLED screen
  • Its ultraportable size and useful interface allows to use it with only one hand
  • Easy paper loading
  • Print paper or labels without ink or ribbon
  • Up to 3 inches per second
  • 12/24V vehicle battery cable available

The DP-230L is a 80 mm thermal mobile printer with long battery life, reliable performance and compatibility with Bluetooth and WIFI. It is of small weight for users to carry it with them. Its weight including the battery is only 400 g and only 111 x 112 x 56 mm in size.

DASCOM 3″ Mobile Printer DP-530

  • Easy-to-read control panel
  • Simple drop-in paper loading
  • High-speed signature printing and extensive font and graphic capabilities
  • Popular printer emulations provide compatibility
  • DP-530 Receipt version / DP-530L Label version
  • IP54 per IEC 529
  • 12/24V vehicle battery cable and 12V cigarette style charger available

The Tally Dascom DP-530 range allows you to focus fully on the task at hand rather than the printer being used. These easy-to-use printers make printing jobs child’s play. Although the printer is up to 10% smaller and 40% lighter than comparable models, it makes no compromises.

DP530L  In-vehicle Thermal Printer

DP541  In-vehicle Thermal Printer

DASCOM 4″ Mobile Printer DP-541

  • Easy-to-read control panel
  • Simple drop-in paper loading
  • High-speed signature printing and extensive font and graphic capabilities
  • Popular printer emulations provide compatibility
  • For labels and receipts
  • IP54 per IEC
  • 12/24V vehicle battery cable and 12V cigarette style charger available

Whether in the warehouse, during distribution or in the branch business – its rugged design makes the DP-541 a printer you can rely on. Thanks to its high printing speed, large label or document print jobs can also be processed quickly, which in turn helps improve workplace productivity.

DASCOM 4″ Mobile Printer DPV-541

  • Compact mobile printer for 4 “receipts
  • Installation in a standard DIN shaft
  • Easiest operation
  • Status display on the front
  • Print speed up to 5 ips
  • Automatic switching on and off via the vehicle electrical system
  • Variatey of emulations with direct PDF printing
  • Compatible with Windows, iOS and Android.

Easy to use and take up little space – the Tally Dascom DPV-541 was specially developed for use in vehicles for installation in a dashboard or center console. The newly developed DPV-541 is a modern printer that allows you to quickly and easily print 4 or 3 inch receipts such as Receipts, proof of delivery or driver change and more can document.

DPV541  In-vehicle Thermal Printer

DP-80  In-vehicle Thermal Printer

DASCOM 8″ Mobile Printer DP-80

  • Dual serrated tear edges for clean crisp tear off of your documents
  • Large function buttons on top cover
  • Easy and smooth opening door, with auto loading of paper
  • 2 ips / 11 ppm print speeds
  • Windows, Android, and iOS Bluetooth compatible
  • Small foot print design for efficient mounting options
  • 12/24V vehicle battery cable and 12V cigarette style charger available

The DP-80 series printers are the latest in reliable, compact, and innovative thermal printing. This small, full-page printer is rated at 11ppm, and is capable of using continuous roll, perforated rolls, or single sheet thermal paper.

This printer features USB, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity, and is compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS Bluetooth operating systems to provide a wide range of connections. The DP-80 is a true drop-in replacement and fits most mounting systems available for in-vehicle printing. Compatible USB cables, and in-vehicle power adaptors make this printer the perfect addition to any public safety vehicle whether you are outfitting a new fleet or updating your current one.

Dascom DP 530 1 2

Case Study: Mobile DASCOM Label Printer

Bleker Autoteile upgrades to the Tally Dascom DP-530L. Bleker Autoteile are one of the leading suppliers of original spare parts for Citroen, DS Automobiles, Peugeot, Opel, Chevrolet, Renault, Dacia, Nissan, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep.

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