Custom Carrier Board and PCB Design and Manufacturing Service

Custom Carrier Board
Design Service

Our custom carrier PCB design services are completed by our in-house CAD team based in Southampton, Hampshire – ensuring the quality of design you’d expect from a British PCB designer.

At BVM we have been designing custom carrier PCBs for many years and have experienced the changes in technology…….

Custom Carrier Board and PCB Design and Manufacturing Service

From 16-bit CPU modules, disc and network interfaces to the latest high speed PCIe devices, custom power supplies – and, of course,  PCB carrier boards, BVM have built up a library of standard building blocks when it comes to producing bespoke electronic designs.

With our in-depth electronics engineering design experience, we’ll ensure your carrier PCB design is a successful one.

Regardless if your choice of COM/SOM module is X86 or ARM based – or even if your design stems from a developer platform such as Raspberry Pi, Jetson, Beagle Bones, Arduino …etc, if your long-term vision lies in a COM/SOM module and custom carrier PCB  design for the product you want to bring to market, BVM will ensure your carrier PCB design meets your needs.

Our PCB prototyping and volume manufacturing services include:-

  • Selection and procurement of electronics components
  • PCB assembly
  • Wiring and cable harness assembly
  • Potting, encapsulation and heat shrinking
  • Product configuration and test (inclusive of design of bespoke rigs for testing)
  • Writing of test regime software
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How can BVM help you with Carrier Board and PCB design?

  • Experience & expertise – With over 30 years of PCB design experience, we have an in-depth knowledge of carrier PCB board design, their assembly and all other associated aspects concerned with printed circuit board production.
  • BVM get it right first time……. The most important aspect of PCB design is accuracy, so it’s important to choose a design partner that provides you with trust backed up with a pedigree & track record in producing carrier designs.  BVM ensure your design will be right first time – whether that’s prototypes or further development & final production-ready units to take your product to market.
  • Design services based in the UK – BVM’s carrier PCB design services are completed by our in-house CAD team based in Southampton, Hampshire – ensuring the quality of design you’d expect from a British PCB designer.
Custom Carrier Board

Custom Carrier Board and PCB Design

BVM’s design processes stem from the use of our layout software, the computer-aided design (CAD) package ‘Altium’, which combines routing and component placement to determine the electrical connectivity on your PCB design.

Concerning component placement, we produce schematic diagrams that we’ll use to convert into a physical PCB layout. This process takes in consideration routing modern high-speed signals need to have matched impedances and path lengths so that each side of a differential pair is matched or a parallel bus has all bits arriving together. PCIe devices negotiate between each other to establish transfer criteria and will slow down to achieve a reliable connection. To achieve optimum performance for a Gen 3 or Gen 4 PCIe connection, great care has to be exercised in the PCB routing to ensure the connection isn’t degraded, ensuring that signal path lengths are equalised.  

Custom Carrier Board and PCB Prototypes

On completion of the design qualification stage, we’ll move to PCB prototype units which will verify the circuit design performance against your requirement specification and intended application – a robust pre-production proof of concept for the intended production ready product.

A prototype carrier PCB is often a simpler, more basic version of the eventual production solution, however, it will be accurate, of high quality and a fully functional test version of the finalised circuit design.  Mistakes or oversights at the prototyping stage can prove costly before moving on to the production ready / full batch PCB manufacturing stage; in short, the earlier in the process BVM can identify and correct any potential issues at prototyping, the more time and money we’ll save you on delivery of the finished product.

On completion of our internal testing & quality checking program for the PCB carrier design, we’ll provide you with the prototype(s) for your own testing or development programs to ensure that you have peace of mind & the design we’ve produced is fit for purpose – or may require further development with mutual consultation and agreement before moving forward together.

Custom Carrier Board

Carrier Board and PCB Manufacturing

On completion of your PCB design & sign off of prototypes, BVM can provide you with the production batch manufacturing services you’ll need to bring your product to market – and on time.  Surrounding those services, here’s what we can provide :

  • Small to medium to large-scale volume manufacture of your carrier PCB assembly – inclusive of component selection 
  • Product serialisation for traceability
  • Product labelling
  • Product packaging
  • End of life & last time buy management services
  • On line RMA services
  • Corrective action reporting
  • Inventory control; monthly scheduled orders, frame orders  and Kanban/JIT

Why choose BVM as your PCB carrier design partner – and what will you receive from using BVM’s
bespoke carrier PCB design & manufacturing and services ?

  • A professional PCB + Carrier Board designer & manufacturer, and a production control service.
  • A custom carrier PCB that strictly adheres to ISO 9001-2015 standards & procedures. Single / double sided / multi-layered – throughout all our design & manufacture processes.
  • A friendly, efficient and highly professional team
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Custom Carrier Board and PCB Design Projects

IoTGatewayDevice 1

Case Study: IoT Gateway Device

BVM Ltd were approached by a global OEM, responsible for producing monitoring & control devices to produce analytics via telemetry.  The client tasked BVM with designing and manufacturing a small IoT (Gateway) device for the purpose of monitoring systems for remote installations. 

PCIeMini cardCarrierModule 3

Case Study: PCIe Mini-card Carrier Module

BVM were approached by an existing client to evaluate the possibility of using twelve PCIe mini-cards in a system together with a mid-range graphics card, itself requiring eight PCIe lanes.

BVM Products are Designed for Manufacture

Design for Manufacture (Design for Manufacturability or DFM) is the engineering process of designing products to ensure they’re efficient to manufacture.

Our design team plan a level of detail during both the initial concept and prototype phases – well before any level of product volume is reached. During the initial design processes, the design will be refined and honed along the way to make it suitable for repeatable production.

Our designs will always consider:

  • Set up and tooling costs
  • Volume production costs
  • Maintenance costs
  • Environmental effects

BVM’s Design for Manufacture processes will always allow every commercial (and technical) consideration to be identified within design phase, the most cost-effective place to catch & address everything.

Our industrial and embedded product design-to-order projects have included:

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