Portable Thermal Printers

Portable Printers

Portable Thermal Printers

The range of compact and light weight Seiko portable thermal printers (with Bluetooth options) are ideal for printing anywhere. Applications range from field sales, inspection and measuring services, mobile medical facilities, warehouse inventory and equipment, issuing of tickets to name but a few.

The switch to mobile computing can offer dramatic bottom line results, by making users more efficient, shortening transaction times, expanding revenue opportunities, and more. The transition to mobility can be daunting though. Equipment has to be durable enough to perform consistently in the field. Downtime is not an option. Technology must be intuitive for operators who are not IT professionals. And with constrained budgets, solutions must provide an immediate return on investment.


SII Portable Print Service for Android and iOS

The Print Service recognizes Bluetooth and WLAN coupled Seiko Instruments printers, and allows printing directly from various apps (for example the browser).

The following printers are supported:

  • MP-B20 – 2″ Portable Printer
  • MP-B30 – 3″ Portable Printer
  • MP-B30L – 3″ Portable Printer
  • MP-A40 – 4″ Rugged Portable Printer
  • DPU-S445 – 4″ Portable Printer
  • DPU-S245 – 2″ Portable Printer
  • RP-F10 – POS Receipt Printer
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Seiko MP B20 Portable Thermal Printer

Seiko MP-B20 Portable Thermal Printer

2” Mobile Bluetooth Printer with 1.5m Drop Rate

  • Very small and lightweight
  • 80mm/s printing speed
  • Withstand drops of up to 1,5 meters
  • USB style battery charger
  • Color option: Black, White
  • Optional cradle
  • Print Service for Android
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This extremely compact and lightweight 2” Bluetooth® mobile printer offers great mobility at an attractive price and is compatible with the latest operating systems including Windows®, iOS®, and Android™. It comes with a Battery Pack, USB cable, Belt Clip, and a sample Thermal Paper roll, and an optional cradle for easy charging is available. The MP-B20 is ideal for various vertical mobile markets such as retail, hospitality, healthcare, and ticketing applications.

Seiko MP-B30 Portable Thermal Printer

3″ Mobile Receipt Printer, IP54 with 1.8m Drop Rate

  • Compact & Lightweight
  • 1,8m (6 feet) drop rate
  • IP54 protection
  • NFC for easy BT pairing
  • 127mm/s max print speed
  • Bluetooth or Wifi and USB
  • Optional cradle for charging
  • Print Service for Android
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Seiko MP B30 Portable Thermal Printer

The MP-B30 (3″) completes our MP family, which includes the MP-B20 (2″) and MP-A40 (4″), making it your best choice for reliability and speed. This 80mm thermal direct receipt printer operates reliably even in harsh conditions, withstanding drops up to 1.80m (6 feet), boasting an IP54 protection rate, and functioning at temperatures from -20 to +50°C. Weighing only 395g including the battery, it’s extremely lightweight. Connectivity options include Bluetooth, WiFi, and USB, with easy Bluetooth pairing via NFC. Optional accessories like a charging cradle and car charger are available. Ideal for various applications including hospitality, retail, warehousing, field sales, and public transportation, the MP-B30 comes with an AC adapter, battery, USB cable, and belt clip.

Seiko MP A40 Portable Thermal Printer

Seiko MP-A40 Portable Thermal Printer

4″ Mobile Receipt Printer, IP54 with 2m Drop Rate

  • Withstands multiple drops from up to 2 meters
  • Protection rating IP54
  • -20°C to 50°C operating temperature
  • 105 mm/s max. printing speed
  • Stylish design with large control buttons and LED’S for simple operation
  • Wide variety of driver and SDK for mobile equipment
  • Print Service for Android
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Seiko Instruments’ tough and stylish mobile printer series is engineered to support applications even in rough conditions, with the MP-A40 series capable of withstanding multiple drops from up to 2 meters and being IP54 certified. Weighing just 750g and accommodating paper widths up to 4 inches, these printers are designed to endure the harshest environments while maintaining elegance and simplicity. Convenient for handheld use, belt attachment, or shoulder strapping, they feature a drop-in paper function, clearly visible LEDs, and large buttons for smooth operation across retail, hospitality, industry, warehousing, logistics, and field service sectors.

Additionally, Seiko mobile printers are compatible with the latest operating systems, supporting connections to Windows, Android, and iOS devices, and offer both auto-detection Bluetooth models and wireless LAN versions for seamless transition from cable to wireless communications.

Seiko DPU-S245 Portable Thermal Printer

2″ Mobile Receipt Printer. Compact and lightweight. 100mm/s print speed.

  • Bluetooth®, USB and serial interface
  • Max. print speed: 100 mm/s
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy paper operation
  • Windows® drivers (32/64bit)
  • Android SDK
  • iOS SDK
  • Software library (Windows® CE 5.0, Windows® Mobile 5.0 / 6.0)
  • Label print
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Seiko DPU S245 Portable Thermal Printer

Seiko Instruments expands its DPU-S Series with the DPU-S245, featuring a 2-inch (58mm) paper width. This compact and lightweight printer boasts a high printing speed of 100mm/s and offers connectivity through serial RS232C and USB 2.0 interfaces. Additionally, it includes a Bluetooth version and SDKs for iOS and Android. The “Easy Paper Operation” feature ensures quick and hassle-free paper roll replacement, enhancing productivity. The printer supports alphanumeric, graphic, and barcode printing, and for mobile use, a special carrying case with a belt strip is available.

Seiko DPU S445 Portable Thermal Printer

Seiko DPU-S445 Portable Thermal Printer

4″ Mobile Receipt and Label Printer. 90mm/s print speed.

  • Bluetooth®, USB and serial interface
  • Max. print speed: 90 mm/s
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy paper operation
  • Supports label and cut sheet paper
  • Windows® drivers (32/64bit)
  • Android SDK
  • iOS SDK
  • Software library (Windows® CE 5.0, Windows® Mobile 5.0 / 6.0)
  • Label print
  • Print Service for Android (BT model)
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The DPU-S445, a hand-held portable printer with a low voltage thermal printing mechanism, ensures fast and high-quality printing, catering to the escalating mobile printing market. This latest addition to the DPU family includes Windows drivers and a software library (Windows® CE 5.0, Windows® Mobile 5.0 / 6.0), alongside Bluetooth, iOS, and Android SDK options for seamless mobile computing integration. Ideal for various applications such as field sales, inspection services, mobile medical monitoring, and inventory management, the compact DPU-S445 features a durable Lithium-ion battery with an optional external charger, exceptional character and graphic resolution, and a high print speed of up to 90 mm/s.

Its Bluetooth, RS-232C, USB, or serial connectivity, combined with a print width of 104 mm, makes it a versatile, cost-effective, and easy-to-carry solution for all your portable printing needs, even enabling “hands-free” use with instrument cases or holders.

PoliceSeikoMobilePrinter 2

Case Study: Seiko Mobile Printer for the L.A. County Sheriffs

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is no exception when it comes to cutting red-tape and streamlining process.  In a bid to do both, the LAPD made use of new technology and discovered some unexpected benefits along the way.

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