ASRock Industrial iEP-5020G: Intel x7433RE Amston Lake Rugged Industrial IoT Controller

ASRock Industrial iEP-5020G: Intel ATOM x7433RE Amston Lake Rugged Industrial IoT Controller

Unleashing Industrial Potential: ASRock Industrial iEP-5020G IoT Controller

The industrial sector is evolving rapidly with the integration of IoT and Edge AI technologies, demanding controllers that can withstand harsh environments while providing powerful computing capacities. ASRock Industrial has stepped up to meet this demand with the introduction of the iEP-5020G Series Industrial IoT Controller. Let’s take an insightful look into the unmatched capabilities of this rugged industrial gem.

High-Performance Computing with Intel Atom x7433RE Processor

The iEP-5020G Series propels industrial computing to new heights with the Intel Atom x7433RE Processor (Amston Lake). This powerhouse, with up to four cores and 32 Execution Units (EUs), elevates AI inference and media processing capabilities. With DDR5 memory support and Intel In-Band ECC, the controller ensures reliable performance even in the most demanding applications.

Versatile IOs and Expansion for Seamless Integration

The iEP-5020G Series is equipped to interface with an array of industrial devices with its diverse I/O options. With USB 3.2 Gen 2, Type-C connectivity, serial ports, and DP1.4a outputs, this controller is a master of versatility. Real-time computing is enabled by TSN and Intel TCC technologies, with added device management capabilities through Intel In-Band Manageability.

Advanced Connectivity with Rich RF Features

Designed for the future, this series boasts high-speed 4G LTE, 5G, Wi-Fi 6E, and BT 5.2 RF capabilities, ensuring your controller is always connected. With flexible antenna options and expansion sockets, the iEP-5020G caters to a wide range of scenarios, keeping you at the forefront of industrial connectivity.

Durable and Reliable in the Most Extreme Conditions

ASRock Industrial understands that industrial controllers need to be as tough as the environments they operate in. The iEP-5020G’s fan-less design and wide operating temperature range are proof of this. Its power protections and shock resistance prepare it to perform reliably, wherever it is deployed.

ASRock Industrial iEP-5020G: Intel Amston Lake Rugged Industrial IoT Controller

Application Areas for the ASRock Industrial iEP-5020G Series

The versatility and robust performance of the iEP-5020G Series make it ideal for a vast range of industrial and IoT applications:

  • Process Automation: Enhance your production line with real-time monitoring and automated control systems.
  • Factory Automation: Implement intelligent control solutions to optimize efficiency and reduce downtimes.
  • Robotic Control: Deploy advanced algorithms for precise and agile robotic operations.
  • Smart Cities: Contribute to the infrastructure of a smarter, more interconnected urban environment.
  • Transportation: Ensure seamless operations in logistics with robust tracking and management systems.
  • Retail Solutions: Upgrade your retail space with smart inventory and customer service technologies.

In each of these areas, the iEP-5020G Series stands out as the preferred edge controller and IoT gateway, driving the future of Edge AI applications.

Start Innovating Today with ASRock Industrial’s iEP-5020G Series Controller

In the ever-advancing world of Industrial IoT, having the right edge controller makes all the difference. If you are seeking unparalleled performance, connectivity, and durability in an industrial IoT controller, look no further than ASRock Industrial’s iEP-5020G Series.

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ASRock Industrial iEP-5020G: Key Features

  • Intel Atom x7433RE Processor (Amston Lake)
  • Fan-less and Rugged Design
    • -40°C to 70°C Wide Operating Temp. for Basic SKU
    • -40°C to 50°C Wide Operating Temp. for PoE SKU
    • 6-36VDC Wide Range Power Inputs for Basic SKU
    • 19-36VDC Wide Range Power Inputs for PoE SKU
  • Most Flexible I/O and Expansion for Industrial Applications
  • Intel TCC and TSN Support for Real-Time Computing
  • DIN Rail or Wall Mount Options
  • 4 x Intel 1G LAN (2 Support IEEE 802.3AF PoE Ports)
  • 1 x Intel 2.5G LAN
  • Support Intel IN-Band ECC
ASRock Industrial iEP-5020G: Key Features

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