Harsh and Hazardous Environment Solutions – Oil, Gas and Energy

Harsh Environment Solutions

Technical applications involved with defence, aerospace, and transportation (to name but a few) generally means challenging conditions and harsh environments where industrial computing solutions are concerned.

Harsh and hazardous environment IPC Solutions must provide reliable operation in the interests of retaining their availability for their designated function. BVM provide ruggedised industrial-grade products capable of operating in a temperature range of -40°C to 85°C with fanless cooling and extended life time availabilities.

In support of resistance to humidity and dust – even the complexities that high altitudes can bring, BVM can provide conformal coating services. We additionally have experience in helping customers in implementing product life simulation around temperature, vibration and humidity stress testing to help uncover operational vulnerabilities during the design phase.

Industrial Motherboards and SBCs

BVM can provide industrial-grade motherboards in terms of protecting customers’ devices, providing electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection for all I/O ports. In alignment with the IEC 61000-4-2 regulations (IEC Association), specific motherboard solutions available from BVM will not be affected by a random ESD event – ensuring your product remains dependable in uncontrolled circumstances. With products under-going strict ESD testing, including rigorous voltage and frequency testing, I/O ports are able to withstand a transient voltage of 8kV.

Industrial Motherboards and Embedded SBCs

Industrial Grade Motherboards provide the backbone for Industrial PC Systems, they are revision controlled and are available for a longer time scale compared to commercial motherboard’s and typically operate over a wider temperature range than their commercial equivalents.

Harsh Environment SBC
Harsh Environment Solutions - Mini itx

Mini-ITX Motherboards and SBCs

Long Life Industrial and Embedded Mini-ITX Motherboards. A Mini-ITX Motherboard is a solution that offers performance with low power and long-life availability. Mini-ITX is a specification for a motherboard measuring 170 x 170 mm with a conventional I/O shield as used on larger scale motherboards.

System-on-Modules (SOMs)

BVM’s portfolio of module solutions provide for the countering of environments containing elements such as moisture, salt, dust and the presence of chemicals. With conformal coating protection applied, high-performance modules can still operate in the most of challenging environments. The coating protects circuits and components from abrasion, electrical short circuits and increases MTBF performance.

Rapid change in temperature can also be a cause of system failure – with the extremities of high and low temperatures being reached. To function properly, systems and components need to be able to operate under a wide variety of those environmental conditions. BVM can offer modules based on the diversity of Intel’s 8th generation core (Whiskey Lake) through to the Atom E3900 series – able to sustain ‘up time’ in the temperature range of -40°C to +85°C. Fanless module solutions are targeted at power-efficient systems that require higher MTBF performance.

System-On-Module products are the ideal solution for many space-constrained applications where the
build-up of heat within the operating environment can become an issue.

System-On-Modules and Carrier Boards

COM/SOM modules are ideal for applications where product time to market and longevity of solution are critical to your business. Today’s COM modules mainly come in two main formats; COM Express (COMe) in Mini, Compact, Basic and Qseven.
Plugged into carrier boards (baseboard), they can be upgraded to newer, backwards-compatible versions as processor technology capability progresses. COM/SOM modules are typically used in Industrial, military, aerospace, gaming, medical and transportation.

• Why use a Computer-on-module? What are the Benefits?
COM Express vs Qseven vs SMARC: A Comparison of Modular Embedded Computing Standards

Harsh Environment Solutions - COM Express

System PCs and All in One Panel PCs

BVM’s Embedded Systems and Panel PC solutions are designed with:-

  • Industrial-grade components
  • Mindful of thermal management
  • Robust enclosures
  • Extended power input voltage
  • Extended operating temperature support
Harsh and Hazardous Environment Solutions

Before release, our solutions undergo stringent test programs during the product development phase to ensure compliance where system failure isn’t an option. Testing includes shock, vibration, drop testing, humidity, electromagnetic sensitivity, power, thermal shock, burn-in, performance testing, available up time / reliability.

System PCs

Heavy industrial applications must be able to survive and operate in critical environments inclusive of extreme temperatures, rain, moisture, salt, fog, vibration and the effects of shock. Embedded computers used in these environments must be designed to withstand these type of conditions present. With fanless designs in both Atom and Core Series supporting extended operating temperatures of -20°C to 70°C, BVM system PC’s systems offer high-performance computing for essential data processing within the field.

Harsh Environment PC

Rugged PCs and Embedded Systems

Rugged Industrial Computers and Embedded Systems specifically designed to operate reliably in harsh and hazardous environments and conditions, such as strong vibrations, extreme temperatures and wet or dusty areas. Available with Intel i3 / i5 / i7 / Celeron and AMD Ryzen Embedded CPU’s.

BVM can tailor your System PC of choice to your exact specification including processor, memory, storage and operating system.

All in One Panel PCs

In addition, our Rugged Panel PC products provide for IP6X-rated enclosures,
protecting the system against anything from the occasional random splashing of water, detergents and high pressure jet washing.

ATEX and C1D2 Certified Panel PCs

In certain industries, there is always the risk of an incendiary reaction due to the high potential of a volatile atmosphere being present. Three individual factors generally contribute to these probabilities; explosive materials, oxygen and a source of ignition. Explosive materials include flammable gases, mists, vapor and combustible dust.

BVM can provide ruggedized Panel PCs certified to Class 1 / Division 2 and Class 2 / Division 2, IECEx, ATEX Zone 2 – and Zone 22 approved.

APLEX AEx Series. ATEX Certified Panel PCs
Stainless Steel Panel PCs and HMIs
Winmate M Series C1D2 Certified Panel Pcs
Aplex AEx Series: ATEX Zone 22 Certification

Harsh Environment ATEX Panel PC
IP69K Stainless P Series Display 2

Rugged Panel PCs

Ruggedized or Harsh Environment Panel PCs are typically used where Wide Temperature diversity is needed in operation (-40°C to +85°C) and/or where the supply of input voltage can vary or be erratic; ruggedized panel PCs typically can accept 9V-36V DC in. BVM can provide 7″ to 24″ TFT display solutions with projected capacitive or resistive touch input – and screen readability enhancement features such as high bright LED backlighting, optical bonding and anti-glare or anti-reflecting coatings.

IP66/IP69K Stainless Steel Panel PCs and HMIs

Waterproof, Stainless Steel Panel PCs with an Anti-Corrosion design for use in Harsh and Aggressive Environments where water, dust and dirt are present. The main benefit of these Stainless Steel Waterproof Panel PCs is that their touch-screens are resistive and fully sealed to an IP66 rating, which make them highly suited for use in food preparation areas.

Stainless Steel Panel PCs and HMIs
Full IP66 IP69K Stainless Panel PC with Cable Gland Solution
Stainless Steel Touchscreen Monitors: Rugged IP65/66 Design
Waterproof IP66/IP69K Stainless Steel Panel PCs

Harsh Environment Solutions - Stainless Steel Panel PCs

Portable, Ruggedized PC Solutions with Touchscreen Interactivity

Where expertise is needed in providing ‘system in a case’ PC solutions, look no further than BVM’s range of Peli case PC systems. Where a demanding, tough environmental conditions call for a portable industrial PC system that’s highly ruggedised in its design whilst still remaining light in weight, BVM can produce Pelicase designs on individual basis to securely house your PC system of choice.

BVM Pelicase PC

Portable Peli Case PCs

  • They’re a great alternative to rugged laptops or tablets – providing better protection, IP rating (if required) and space for custom electronics and selectable I/O.
  • They’re a good solution for combining instrumentation and computing in one rugged and portable package.
  • Good value where a bespoke – rugged embedded computer solution with HMI is being sought, one that can be protected from its immediate environment.

All designs and configurations are an example of solutions we’ve produced for our customers
and will hopefully serve to provide you with an idea of what we can produce.

Harsh and Hazardous Environment Solutions - AI Technologies Machine Vision

AI-based Harsh and Hazardous Environment Solutions

Artificial intelligence (AI) is being implemented in the oil, gas, and energy industry to improve efficiency, productivity, reduce costs and enhance safety. AI-powered technologies such as exploration and production, refining and processing, renewable energy, predictive maintenance and energy management systems are being developed and implemented to optimize the performance and output of the systems, identify new resources, improve the efficiency of production, reduce downtime, maintenance costs, optimize energy usage and integrate renewable energy systems into the grid. AI is expected to revolutionize the oil, gas, and energy industry and bring significant changes in how these industries function.

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Harsh and Hazardous Environments

Here are a few examples of how artificial intelligence (AI) is being used in harsh environments such as oil rigs, gas production and steel manufacturing :

  • Predictive maintenance: AI can be used to analyse data from sensors and other sources to predict when equipment is likely to fail, allowing maintenance to be scheduled before a failure occurs. This can help to improve equipment reliability and reduce downtime in harsh environments.
  • Process optimisation: AI can be used to analyze data from sensors and other sources to identify patterns and trends that can be used to optimise processes and improve efficiencies. This can be particularly useful in environments where manufacturing efficiencies are critical, such as in the production of oil, gas and steel.
  • Safety monitoring: AI can be used to monitor conditions in harsh and hazardous environments and identify potential safety hazards. This can include everything from analysing data from sensors to monitoring the movements of personnel.
  • Quality control: AI can be used to analyse data from sensors and other sources to detect defects or deviations from specified tolerances in real time, allowing for rapid identification and correction of problems. This can be particularly important in environments where the quality of products is critical, such as in the production of oil, gas and steel.
  • Supply chain management: AI can be used to optimise the flow of materials through a supply chain, reducing waste and improving efficiencies. This can be particularly important in environments where logistics can be challenging, such as on oil rigs and in gas and steel production.

AI-ready Solutions

The hardware required to support artificial intelligence (AI) can vary depending on the specific  application and the type of AI being used. Some AI algorithms are computationally intensive and require powerful hardware to run effectively.

Deep learning algorithms, which are used for tasks such as image and speech recognition, typically require specialised hardware such as graphics processing units (GPUs) to run efficiently. GPUs are designed to perform the complex matrix calculations that are required for deep learning – and they can be much faster than traditional central processing units (CPUs) at these types of tasks.

Other types of AI, such as rule-based systems, may not require as much computational power and can be run on standard CPUs.

Harsh and Hazardous Environment Solution AI Bases PC

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