Build to Order: Rugged Portable Peli Case PCs

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Customisation, Performance and Reliability.

Our Rugged, Portable Peli Case PCs never need resuscitation.

Where expertise is needed in providing ‘system in a case’ PC solutions, look no further than BVM’s range of Peli case PC systems.  Where a demanding, tough environment calls for a system that’s highly ruggedised in its design whilst remaining light & portable, we’re sure we’ll have a solution that’s befitting your application.

Why do customers choose our Peli case solutions ?

    • As a great alternative to rugged laptops or tablets providing better protection, IP rating (if required) and space for custom electronics and I/O.
    • A good solution for combining instrumentation and computing in one rugged and portable package
    • Good value for a bespoke, rugged, environmentally protected embedded computer or HMI

Peli PC Connectivity 1


Available Options

Here’s just a selection of parameters we can tailor for your solution :-

    • Computing platforms with processors ranging from low power Intel Atom to desktop versions of Intel Core i7 (65W)
    • LCD displays in sizes from 7.0” to 21” with resistive or pCAP touch screens
    • Connectivity – LTE (4G/5G), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
    • Various storage options (SATA, M.2, NVME)
    • Expansion options (from mPCI-E, M.2 to PCI-Express)
    • Bespoke electronics (provided by the customer or designed by BVM)
    • Reach I/O with custom wiring harness (internal and external if required)
    • Customised internal fascia’s to provide needed functionality & interactivity
    • Ingress protection – up to IP67
    • Tamper proofing (lockable)
    • Choice of handle grips (rubberised or plastic)
    • Product reliability (operational environment) and lifetime availability (beyond 5 years)

We offer three levels of Peli case platform design – but if you still can’t quite get the exact system you want, simply talk to us via our live chat system, email us on or call us +44(0) 1489 780 144. We’d be more than happy to provide further help & advice where needed.


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Level 1
Compact & Rugged Computer

  • Pico, 3.5”, 4×4 (NUC), Mini-ITX computing platforms
  • Compact design
  • Basic system I/O
  • Resistive T/S
  • Sealed front bezel providing for waterproof operation
  • Peli case inner frame used as a mounting point for the bezel
  • Thermal management via rear mounted heat plate / heat sink
  • Screen printed anodised aluminium front bezel
  • Options for Wi-Fi and 4G Connectivity
  • DC Powered

Level 2
Integrated Electronics and Rich I/O System

  • Pico, 3.5”, NUC/4×4, Mini-ITX, COM Express computing platforms  
  • Higher power CPU’s with vented design for cooling
  • Resistive or PCAP touch screen
  • Custom overlays
  • Quick access to the PC, I/O and custom electronics
  • Provision of Ingress Protection (IP) certification for the case
  • DC Powered

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Click here if you are using Internet Explorer or a mobile browser

Level 3
Portable Workstation, High Power System

  • Mini-ITX or uATX computing platforms
  • CPU up to 65W
  • High power workstation
  • 2x PCIe / PCI expansion cards.
  • AC Powered
  • 21” FHD LCD (touch screen optional)
  • Built-in Keyboard
  • Integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Fan cooled system (fan filters optional)
  • Unit dust and splash proof when closed for transportation

Pelicase Projects

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