BVM Industries and Application Areas

BVM Products are used daily in a range of industries

As the manufacturers behind many well known brands, BVM’s products are in everyday use around the world in a range of industries:

As a provider of industrial and embedded solutions, BVM offers a comprehensive range of “off the shelf” products and services for various industries including industrial automation, harsh environments, transportation, military and medical. Our solutions are designed to meet the unique needs and requirements of each industry, ensuring the highest level of performance and reliability.

If you can’t find a solution that meets your needs from our wide & varied portfolio of products, speak to one of our team members around our bespoke design and manufacturing services. We can design a solution from ‘ground up’ – from concept to design – and through to system development and eventual mass production manufacture.

Industrial Automation and Control Solutions


BVM Industries - Industrial Automation and Control Solutions

For industrial automation and control, we offer industrial motherboards, embedded systems and panel PC solutions to support intelligent operations. Our products are flexible, reliable and certified to meet the evolving needs of the industry. Our solutions are designed to provide stability, efficiency, low power consumption, stable data transmission and high-resolution graphics.

Harsh and Hazardous Environment Solutions


BVM Industries - Harsh Environment Solutions

In harsh environments, we understand the importance of rugged and durable equipment. That’s why we offer products that are designed to withstand harsh conditions and maintain their performance. Our solutions are tested to operate within extreme environmental conditions, including high and low temperatures, resistance to shock and vibration and high humidity.

Transportation and SMART City Solutions


BVM Industries - Transportation and SMART City Solutions

Our intelligent transport solutions for in-vehicle, marine, and rail applications, are designed to tackle the challenging demands of transportation and SMART city industries by using robust motherboards and industrial-grade PCs. These products are capable of operating in extreme temperatures, from -40°C to +85°C, and feature a wide power input range to ensure uninterrupted performance in these tough conditions.

Military and Defence Solutions


BVM Industries - Military and Defence Solutions

In the military sector, we offer solutions that meet the strict regulatory requirements of the defence industry. Our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure their safety and performance, both indoors and in the field. Our solutions are compliant with MIL-STD 461F and MIL-STD 810G standards, ensuring the highest level of electromagnetic interference control and environmental resistance.

Medical and SMART Healthcare Solutions


BVM Industries - Medical and SMART Healthcare Solutions

In the medical sector, our products are designed to assist medical professionals in providing patient-cantered care. We offer a range of medical embedded products, including Mini-ITX boards, System-on-Modules and certified medical IPC solutions. Our solutions are designed for variety of medical applications, including self-check-in terminals, ultrasound systems, medical imaging, x-ray and more.

Transport and SMART City

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Our Transport solutions cater to different types of transportation industries, namely aviation, in-vehicle, marine, and rail. Our comprehensive range of products are designed to address the complex requirements of these industries. We offer rugged motherboards and industrial system PCs, which are capable of enduring harsh working conditions with temperatures ranging from -40°C to +85°C. These robust devices are equipped with a wide power input range, ensuring uninterrupted operation even in challenging environments.

In addition to our Transport solutions, we also provides SMART City solutions. We understand the significance of technology in shaping the cities of the future. Our offerings help cities become smarter and more efficient by leveraging innovative technologies. Whether it’s intelligent transportation systems, advanced CCTV and surveillance solutions, interactive digital signage, or efficient infrastructure management, our SMART City solutions offer a comprehensive range of products and services to support the development of modern cities.

CCTV, Surveillance and Object Recognition Solutions


Transportation and SMART City CCTV, Surveillance and Object Recognition Solutions

BVM offers cutting-edge solutions in CCTV, Surveillance, and Object Recognition. Our advanced hardware is designed to enhance security and enable efficient monitoring in various industries. With our comprehensive range of products, we provide robust and effective surveillance solutions. Our Object Recognition capabilities enable real-time identification of objects and events, enhancing situational awareness and enabling proactive security measures. Whether it’s for public spaces, critical infrastructure, or commercial establishments, BVM’s CCTV, Surveillance, and Object Recognition solutions deliver seamless integration, high performance, and peace of mind.

Interactive Digital Signage and Retail Solutions


Transportation and SMART City - Interactive Digital Signage and Retail  Solutions

BVM offers cutting-edge Interactive Digital Signage and Retail solutions that are designed to enhance customer engagement and drive business growth. Our innovative technologies enable businesses to create immersive and dynamic digital experiences, transforming traditional signage into interactive and engaging platforms. With our comprehensive range of products, including high-resolution displays and touch-enabled PCs businesses can deliver personalized and compelling content to captivate their audience. Whether it’s for retail stores, restaurants, or public spaces, BVM’s Interactive Digital Signage and Retail solutions provide businesses with the tools they need to stand out, attract customers, and elevate their brand presence.

9~36V (98) AMD (94) Artificial Intelligence (183) CANbus (70) CCTV / Surveillance and Object Recognition (292) DDR5 (74) Dual Display (177) Fanless (230) Gaming and Casino (136) GPIO / DIO (376) Harsh Environments (332) High Performance (274) Industry 4.0 Industrial Automation (598) Intel (605) Intel Alder Lake (93) Intel Atom (73) Intel Tiger Lake (67) Intel Whiskey Lake (72) Interactive Digital Signage and Retail (173) Internet of Things (IoT) (280) IP65 (148) IP66 (80) Linux (288) Low Power (144) Medical and Smart Healthcare (69) MIL-STD (91) Military and Defence (164) Mini-ITX (102) N/A (254) NUC Computers (77) NVMe (184) Panel PC (127) PoE (97) Quad Display (129) RAID (158) Rugged (350) Ryzen Embedded (79) SBC (237) Touchscreen (253) TPM 2.0 (212) Transport and Smart City (438) Triple Display (239) Wide Temp (402) Windows (529) Windows 11 (171)

BVM Design and Manufacturing Services: The manufacturer behind the solutions you know

When a standard embedded design won’t suffice for what you need, you can always turn to BVM for help and use our custom design and manufacturing services.