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AMD Ryzen Embedded

Ryzen Embedded V1000 Series Ryzen Embedded R1000 Series Ryzen Embedded CPU Family Model Cores(Threads) TDP Frequency(Max) Memory GPU(Frequency) V1202B 2(4) 12 – 25 W 2.3 GHz(3.2GHZ) DDR4-2400 Radeon Vega 3(1 GHz) V1404I 4(8) 12 – 25 W 2.0 GHz(3.6GHZ) DDR4-2400 N/A V1500B 4(8) 12 – 25 W 2.2Ghz(2.2Ghz) DDR4-2400 N/A V1605B 4(8) 12 – 25 W 2 .0GHz(3.6GHZ)…

Quite often, we’re the manufacturer behind the solutions you know

Whether we’re utilising our own manufacturing & production facilities here in Southampton – or our ecosystem of partners in Asia, BVM can cope with any size or complexity of batch manufacturing. Our production team are highly motivated with a flexible “can do” attitude ensuring consistent quality and on-time delivery.