Industrial Touchscreen Panel PCs

Industrial Panel PCs

Industrial Panel PCs suitable for many different sectors.

BVM can supply a range of Panel PCs for industrial applications from 7″ TFT screen size and upwards, with resistive & pCAP touchscreens for interactivity. Our Panel PCs are available with the latest Intel iCore series, low powered Atom, AMD Ryzen Embedded and ARM CPU’s – and can serve specialist applications for medical, harsh & rugged environments, transportation and building control.

We provide our Panel PCs with a fully installed generic or customised Windows operating system and with the touch interface that suits your specific application – for both normal or harsh environment operational conditions – across a wide variety of TFT screen display sizes.

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Panel PCs - ATEX Certified Industrial Touch Screen PC

ATEX Certified Panel PCs

  • 15 – 22″ ATEX Series Panel PCs
  • Total IP66 Grade with M12 Waterproof Connectors
  • ATEX Zone2, IECEx and C1D2 Certified
  • Intel iCore / Celeron / Atom

In certain industries, there is always the risk of an incendiary reaction due to the high potential of a volatile atmosphere being present. Three individual factors generally contribute to these probabilities; explosive materials, oxygen and a source of ignition. Explosive materials include flammable gases, mists, vapor and combustible dust.

BVM can provide  ruggedized Panel PCs certified to Class 1 / Division 2 and Class 2 /  Division 2, IECEx, ATEX Zone 2 – and Zone 22 approved.

Panel PC - Building Control Touch Screen PC

Building Control Panel PCs

  • 7 – 24″ TFT Fanless Touch Panel PCs
  • Intel Celeron Dual or Quad Core CPUs
  • 10-points Multi Capacitive Touch
  • IP65 Protection against water and dust

Ranging from 7” to 24” in TFT size, BVM’s Building Management Panel PCs  for heating & environment control are provided pre-configured with memory, storage, Windows 10, on board screen keyboard and panel/recess mounting clips to form an ‘out of box’ solution. Our range of Building Management Panel PCs are IP65 certified for water and dust ingress protection and designed to work with Honeywell Centraline controllers. They’ll also work with any HTML5 serving BMS (Building Management Software).

Panel PC - Industrial Touch Screen PC

Industrial Panel PCs

  • 7 – 22″ Industrial Panel PCs
  • Projected Capacitive or Resistive Touch Screen
  • Intel iCore, Intel Celeron and AMD Ryzen CPUs
  • Fanless Design

BVM’s broad portfolio of industrial touchscreen Panel PCs facilitate applications from process monitoring and parameter control for industrial automation through to power generation and healthcare.  An array of available processor formats, touchscreen types, fanless and fanned cooling ensuring minimum heat dissipation make them ideal solutions for demanding industrial environments. Our PoE Panels PC’s solutions have the ability to receive both power and data through for minimal cabling and cost.

Panel PC - In Vehicle Industrial Touch Screen PC

In Vehicle Panel PCs

  • 7 – 10.1″ In-vehicle Touch Panel PCs
  • IP65 / IP66 Front Panel Protection
  • VESA/Panel Mount
  • Ignition Control 

BVM’s In-vehicle Panel PCs solutions are designed to withstand the everyday shock and vibration of vehicle driving and can be viewed from almost any angle through their wide angle viewing capabilities and high bright backlighting.   Equipped with wide input voltage (9-36volts DC in), wide storage temperature (-30°C to +80°C)  and e-marking certification (E13 certification) and ignition control and delay on/off, our in-vehicle panel PC solutions are easy to install (VESA or panel mount).

Panel PC - Marine Touch Screen PC

Marine Panel PCs

  • 19 – 24″ Marine Panel PCs
  • IP66 Front/IP22 Rear
  • Fanless iCore CPU
  • iRIS remote monitoring

BVM’s marine certified Panel PCs are designed for maritime applications to assist with vessel navigation, monitoring & surveillance, and ship automation systems. ECDIS Marine Panel PCs are built and tested according to the DNV Standard Certifications, IEC60945, and IACS-E10. Colour calibrated for ECDIS compliance, other features include dimming brightness, resistive & projective capacitive multi-touch screens, capacitive touch keys and wide voltage range power input 9-36 V DC.

Panel PC - Medical grade Touch Screen PC

Medical Panel PCs

  • 15 – 24″ Medical Panel PCs
  • Anti-bacterial housing
  • EN/UL 60601-1 Certification
  • Optional UPS Battery

Certified with the latest UL/cUL60601-1 (MDR) IEC60601-1 medical certifications, BVM provide Medical SMART Healthcare touchscreen Panel PCs from 10″ to 24″, available with the latest core series Intel i3 / i5 / i7 and Atom Celeron CPU’s. They come equipped with 4KV isolation (LAN/COM), antibacterial (MRSA) wipe down surfaces, PCIe expansion (for video capture) and FHD video streaming abilities to support hospital theatre for real-time surgical imaging needs.

Panel PC - Rail Certified Industrial Touch Screen PC

Rail Panel PCs

  • Railway Fanless Touch Panel PC
  • Sunlight readable 10.4 – 12.1″ XGA Panel PCs
  • EN45545, EN50155 and EN50121-4 Certification
  • -25°C to +70°C Wide temperature range

With rail certifications of EN45545, EN50155 and EN50121-4, Rail Panel PCs meet applications such as monitoring & controlling train speed, temperature and security & passenger infotainment updates – featuring high bright LED backlight (up to 1000 nits) display touchscreens to allow a train- operators to easily read any operational status messages, even under direct sunlight. Other features include display auto dimming and M12 lockable connectors to combat shock and vibration.

Panel PC - Rugged Industrial Touch Screen PC

Rugged Panel PCs

  • 10.1 – 24” Rugged Industrial Panel PC
  • Intel Celeron and iCore CPUs
  • IP65 with Flat Touch Screen
  • Aluminium die cast chassis

Ruggedized or Harsh Environment Panel PCs are typically used where Wide Temperature diversity is needed in operation (-40°C to +85°C) and/or where the supply of input voltage can vary or be erratic; ruggedized panel PCs typically can accept 9V-36V DC in. BVM can provide 7″ to 24″ TFT display solutions with projected capacitive or resistive touch input – and screen readability enhancement features such as high bright LED backlighting, optical bonding and anti-glare or anti-reflecting coatings.

Panel PC - Stainless Steel Industrial Touch Screen PC

Stainless Steel Panel PCs

  • 15 – 23.8″ Stainless Steel Fanless Panel PCs
  • 6th/7th/8th Gen Intel iCore / Celeron CPUs
  • IP66/67 Stainless Steel
  • Optional PCAP IP69K Tested

Waterproof, Stainless Steel Panel PCs with an Anti-Corrosion design for use in Harsh and Aggressive Environments where water, dust and dirt are present. The main benefit of these Stainless Steel Waterproof Panel PCs is that their touch-screens are resistive and fully sealed to an IP66 rating, which make them highly suited for use in food preparation areas.

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BVM supply a wide and diverse range of Industrial and Embedded Systems. From Industrial Motherboards, SBCs and Box PCs, to Rack Mount computers and Industrial Panel PCs. However, if you can’t find a solution that meets your needs from our wide & varied portfolio of standard products, speak to one of our team members around our bespoke design and manufacturing services. We can design a solution from ‘ground up’ – from concept & development  through to product manufacture.

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