Embedded Software Services

Windows Embedded Software Services

Configuration, Integration and Deployment

BVM can configure an entire embedded operating system for you (and deploy)
or provide the help you may need to migrate from your current O/S to Windows 10 IoT or Windows 8.1 Embedded

From the early RTOS days of OS-9, through to the advent of Windows Embedded with Windows NT Embedded, Windows XP Embedded (XPe), Windows Embedded Standard 7 (WES7) and Windows 8.1 Embedded – and our latest implementations with Windows 10 IoT Enterprise – our abilities in being able to provide generic or tailored configurations of  Windows Embedded O/S images provides our customers with a helping hand around their embedded system design projects.

We provide a ready-to-run O/S environment incorporating your application into the image for mass deployment.

BVM Embedded Software Services include:

Windows Embedded Partner
  • Windows image capture from customers storage devices
  • Linux image capture from customers storage devices
  • Windows / Linux deployment from customer configured images
  • Custom Windows images:- configurationdeployment
  • Management of revision updates
  • Custom BIOS

We can also:

  • Enable or disable specific Windows features to provide for security and robustness of the operating system
  • Implement management of Windows updates 
  • Integrate/embed your application within the operating system
  • Configure advanced features

Our Embedded Operating System integration services are there to allow you to focus on other immediate priorities within your day to day business needs. BVM can complete the O/S in its entirety or provide you the guidance & advice needed to develop and configure your own image.

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise:

Windows 10 IoT - LTSC

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC (The Long-Term Servicing Channel)  is the successor to the Windows NT Embedded, Windows XP Embedded, Windows Embedded Standard 7 and Windows Embedded 8 operating systems.

Windows 10 IoT - SAC

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise SAC

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise SAC (The Semi-Annual Channel) is for customers who innovate quickly. With approximately two releases a year, you get new enhancements, features, and fixes almost as soon as Engineering signs off.

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise is the same Windows 10 desktop operating system with a special license for the OEM in the IoT or Embedded System market. Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC and SAC include the usual lockdown features that have been in previous Windows Embedded operating systems like the Unified Write Filter and Shell Launcher. Windows 10 IoT Enterprise also has long term support, which is a requirement in the IoT and Embedded System market. Windows 10 IoT Enterprise is based on the normal Windows 10 Enterprise installation media but with the option to enable the well-known embedded features:

  • Write Filters (EWF/FBWF/UWF)
  • USB-Filter
  • Keyboard Filter
  • Gesture Filter
  • App Locker and Layout Control
  • Dialog Box and Notification Filter
  • Shell Launcher / App Launcher

Processor Requirements and Licencing information:

  • Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC / SAC Entry for lower performance processors:
    – Selected Pentium (N Series, J Series)
    – Selected Celeron (N Series, J Series, G Series, 3000 Series, 4000 Series)
    – Rest of Atom
    VIA: All
    AMD: R1xxx, E1, E2, E-350, A4, A6, A9, G-Series, V10xx-V12xx, Athlon
  • Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC / SAC Value for medium performance processors:
    – Rest of Pentium (not specified above)
    – Rest of Celeron (not specified above)
    – Selected Atom (C2750, C2730, C2550, C2530, C2350, C3338, S1260, S1240, S1220)
    – Core i3, Core i5, Core M
    – Selected Xeon (E3-1225, E3-1501M, E3-1501L, E-2124G)
  • AMD: Rest of RX-Series, A10, A8, Rest of FX Models (not specified below), V13xx-V19xx, Ryzen 3, Ryzen 5
    Qualcomm: SDM850
  • Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC / SAC High End for high performance processors:
    – Intel: Core i7, Core i9, Rest of Xeon
    – AMD: Selected FX models (FX 7500, FX 9370, FX 9590, FX 7600P), Ryzen 7
    – All other non-specified CPUs
  • Licences may only be purchased with suitable hardware, such as processor board or system.
  • Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC (Long Term Servicing Channel) is supported on Microsoft’s Long Term Servicing Branch (LTSB) which excludes “universal apps” (including the edge browser) for enhanced stability.
  • Windows 10 IoT Enterprise SAC (Semi Annual Channel) is supported on Microsoft’s Current Business Branch (CBB) which allows feature updates to be deferred for up to a year for stability.

Whatever your needs, come and talk to us if there’s something that we can help with.

We like to make life easier ….

If you’d like to talk to us in helping you to produce your own embedded Microsoft images, our technical & commercial team members will always provide you with valuable but impartial advice. With their collective backgrounds, they’ll provide you with the benefit of their knowledge and experiences when & where you need it. We’ll always help you in the first instance and get back to you when additional information is required.

You can either Call us directly on +(0) 1489 780 144 and talk to one of the team | E-mail us at sales@bvmltd.co.uk | Use our quick contact form

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