YUAN Video Capture Solutions

Various Capture Interface from SD to 4K,
Hardware Compression or Raw Data.


As Yuan’s premier European distribution partner, BVM Ltd support Yuan’s extensive range of products concerning the capturing, editing, recoding, streaming and playback of video.

YUAN High-Tech Development Company Ltd established themselves in1990 and have become a leading ODM and OEM for video capture solutions in areas such as digital home entertainment, broadcasting, education, surveillance – and in a variety of different industrial applications. With their headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan, Yuan have been delivering an extensive range of high-quality video/audio products for over 27 years to meet the needs of system integrators and ODM’s alike.

YUAN Video Capture Solutions

Yuan provide a series of PCIe / Mini-PCIe / M.2 video capture cards, USB2.0/3.0 capture box/dongle series, as well as a range of video converter boxes and streaming encoder boxes to fulfil a variety of markets and application needs.

Yuan’s video capture products are provided across a range of form factors and are all supported by one driver and the same SDK, compatible with Windows DirectShow or Linux v4l2 standards. And where customisation is needed, Yuan’s R&D team will design, develop hardware, drivers, firmware and FPGA, & SDK packages to provide befitting technical support.

PCIe Capture Cards


M.2 Capture Cards


Mini PCI-e Capture Cards

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Intelligent Video Applications for Capture, Recording,
Streaming and Artificial Intelligence

Since YUAN stepped into the industry of designing & producing video capture cards, they’ve continually  refined the their ‘QCAP’ SDK for their global spectrum of customers and applications.  With their  expanding product families of video capture cards, the functionality of their QCAP SDK evolves with current & future needs – from initial function modules including video capturing and driver integration, to various streaming protocols, formats of storage and video effects.

In provision of solutions around the latest needs around Artificial Intelligence, in 2017 YUAN developed their AI QDEEP SDK, integrating multiple algorithms and deep-learning models for a variety of field applications. The AI QDEEP SDK algorithm is capable of accessing video data directly and provides image content analysis, biometric analysis and human behavior analysis – three major AI functions frequently sort after.

Software Development Kits (SDK)

Yuan’s high-tech video capture cards provide a variety of video interfaces to allow raw data to be captured by each interface and analysed by QDEEP – where the video data is processed, edited, streamed and recorded via QCAP.

With their software development kit (SDK), users can rapidly develop their own application with needed features. Yuan provide an emphasis around their engineering team continually focussing on the integration of the latest technology into the QCAP SDK.

Yuan AI SDK Connection

Our QCAP SDK provides full function of the video capture card, also integrates recording, streaming and provides cross platform features.


QDEEP SDK is our AI algorithm SDK, capable to access video data directly. It provides image content analysis, biometric analysis and human behavior analysis 3 major AI function block for user to use.

Yuan AI SDK Platforms


Yuan provide an emphasis towards testing with the latest hardware platforms to ensure the maximum of compatibility – without bias towards any OEM maufacturer of hardware or software to ensure customers are ready for when next platform generations as & when they’re released.

The QDEEP SDK encompasses support for multiple operating systems allowing users to retain previous developments via other (past) operating system platforms to retain flexibilities for hardware planning in the future. In short, development via QDEEP is fully transferrable.


The QDEEP and QCAP SDK’s serve the same purpose; to reduce difficulties developers may find during integration, as well as interchanging results of development between different platforms – for example, from embedded platforms such as nVidia GPU, nVidia Xavier or Intel OpenVINO etc. In short, Yuan’s SDK’s can save developers the (often) long gestation periods needed to fine tune the minor differences between platforms and shorten the overall development process.

AI SDK Application



Yuan’s capture cards are capable of snapshotting video in various ways including single, continuous, cropping and scaling. As to the capture snapshot format, video can be saved in BMP, JPEG, PNG and TIF formats.


YUAN QCAP SDK Capture Continuous


YUAN QCAP SDK Capture Cropping


YUAN QCAP SDK Capture Scaling

Yuan’s capture engine also supports de-interlacing and alpha blending engine – the engines that provide the user with an easier way to combine snapshots with text, change of colouring… etc.


YUAN QCAP SDK Capture Deinterlace

Alpha Blending Engine

YUAN QCAP SDK Capture Alpha Blending Engine


YUAN QCAP SDK Capture Overlay


Yuan’s SDK records input video in several major codec formats which include MPG2, H264, H265, RAW. Regarding audio, the SDK supports AAC. Yuan can also integrate several mainstream SDK’s into their SDK to allow developers to take advantage via different hardware – which covers Intel, AMD  and nVIDIA platforms.

YUAN QCAP SDK Recording Videos Formats

Within the recording SDK there is a transitional effect feature which allows modification for the recording – such as scaling, rotation, alpha blending, and action script. There is also a PGM function to allow professional providers to share & overlay their videos with ease.

YUAN QCAP SDK Recording Overlay


The QCAP SDK can support various streaming protocols inclusive of HLS, RTSP, TS, and RTMP. QCAP will also allow integration of Onvif, WebRTC, and NDI for streaming. Streaming of 2D  and 3D video is also an  available application with the provision of an audio mixer when streaming and recording.

YUAN QCAP SDK Streaming Streaming Protocol


The editing feature provides user file export / manage & A/V stream read and write function within the SDK. It also integrates the Intel Media SDK for file transcoding. The SDK also provides a special feature for users to repair MP4 files if minor damage occurs.

YUAN QCAP SDK Capture Editing


For playback, Yuan’s SDK integrates many features from capture inclusive of all supported mainstream SDK’s. The SDK provides for all commonly used player features – including play, pause and speed control (forward / rewind) frame by frame.


Supported SDK Architectures

SDK supported programming languages : VC++ / C# / .NET / VB / Delphi / QT
SDK supported operating system platforms : Linux , Embedded Linux, Microsoft Windows.

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Where a bespoke solution is needed (low level of complex) consider BVM’s bespoke custom designed solution services where we provide configured systems with memory, storage, peripherals to provide additional i/o & functionality – and optimised (custom) embedded operating systems. And if you need further advice around a system that’ll  meets your specific requirements, then speak with our in house design team who will talk to you around designing your product from ground up; concept, design, development and production.

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