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Thermal Panel Printers

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If you make a product that needs to produce a printout,

then integrating a “Panel Printer” could be a quick and easy way to do it



What are Panel Printers? Panel printers are small, easy to mount, highly reliable and they don’t need any ink!

In simple terms, simply cut a hole in the fascia of your product and slide the panel printer in from the front. Secure it from the back with the clamp supplied, then plug-in power and data from a USB or Serial port on your product. Using Seiko’s “Easy Paper Load” system, just drop in the paper roll, close the door and tear-off the loose end against the serrated edge to be ready to print. There is a wide choice of driver software available to suit most applications.

As panel printers are loaded from the front they are particularly well suited to manned applications where trained staff use a device or instrument. They are regularly used in medical devices, diagnostic equipment, measuring instruments and building control panels. So, whether your business builds portable drug testers or exhaust analysers, if you are looking for an easy way to produce a printout, then a panel printer could be the solution for you. Check out the DPU-D2 and DPU-D3 models from Seiko Instruments and call us at BVM for more information.


2″ Panel Printer – DPU-D2-00A

  • Max printing speed:
  • 100mm/sec(DPU-D2)
  • Small and compact design
  • Panel-mount type
  • Easy paper operation

3″ Panel Printer – DPU-D3-00A

  • Max printing speed:
  • 80mm/sec(DPU-D3)
  • Small and compact design
  • Panel-mount type
  • Easy paper operation
*1 Use recommended thermal papers. *2 Excluding protrusion. *3 Please see “Associated software tool” for details.
PrintingMethodThermal line dot printing
Number of dots/line384576
Resolution (dots/mm)8
Paper width (mm)58+0-180+0-1
Printing width (mm)4872
Speed (mm/sec) max100 (8.5V)80 (8.5V)
Character matrix (H×W dots)24 × 24, 24 × 12, 16 × 16, 16 × 8
Character size (H×W mm)3.0 × 3.0, 3.0 × 1.5, 2.0 × 2.0, 2.0 × 1.0
Number of columns16, 32, 24, 4824, 48, 36, 72
Character typeExtended graphicss character, Katakana character set,
CP1252, Optional font, Downloaded character,
User-defined character, JIS 1 & 2 level kanji
Bar codeUPC-A/E, JAN (EAN) 8/13, ITF, CODE39, CODABAR, CODE93,
CODE128, PDF417, QR Code, MaxiCode, Data Matrix
Power supply (V)Driving voltage (5.0 to 9.0)
Communication interfaceSerial / USB
Input buffer4,096 bytes
CommandESC/POS conformity
CuttingTear bar
Operating Temperature (¢ªC)-10 to 50
Service life (km)50*1
Dimensions (W×D×H mm)80.0 × 68.8 × 85.5*2102.0 × 68.8 × 85.5*2
Mass (g)Approx. 180Approx. 210
Software*3Printer Driver
Serial interface specification
 *3 Select by utility software.
Baud rate*39600, 19200, 38400, 115200
Data bit8 bits
Parity bit*3Odd, Even or None
Stop bit1 bit
Control method*3BUSY, Xon/Xoff
USB interface specification
USB printerclass 2.0 conformity


Direct Thermal

Direct thermal printers are widely used in everyday life, including medical devices, self-service technology, point-of-sale, mobile applications, and more.

Direct thermal technology produces an image by applying a heating element to specially treated thermal paper. Unlike other printing formats, it operates with few moving parts and does not consume toner or ribbons. This translates into reliable long-life performance and reduced maintenance costs.

With precision engineering Seiko Instruments continues to build on direct thermal’s advantages. We offer a complete line of reliable high performance printers with flexible, small footprint designs that help streamline the integration process. Rely on dependable Seiko Instruments printers and components to tackle even the toughest thermal printing requirements.

Reliable Seiko thermal printers are the best matches with the KIOSK terminals printing receipt and ticket and so on!

SII’s wide-variety of product line helps any printing demands on self-service terminal / ATM / ticketing applications..

We like to make life easier ….

Our supporting team have all worked in an embedded environment for a number of years, consequently providing knowledge, experience and good advice around all BVM’s products & services when and where you need it.  We don’t profess to know everything you need at the time  – but we’ll always help in the first instance and get back to you when a little more information is required. If you have a device or application that would benefit from having a print facility, give the team at BVM a call.

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