Intel Arc Graphics: Boost the Performance of Edge Workloads​

Intel Arc Graphics: Boost the Performance of Edge Workloads​

Intel Arc GPU for AI at the Edge

Supercharge Edge AI, Graphics and Media Processing with Intel Arc Graphics discrete GPUs

Harness the Power of Intel Arc GPUs for Edge Computing

Utilize the power of Intel Arc GPUs to enhance your edge computing capabilities, ensuring readiness for demanding AI, graphics and media tasks. Intel’s selection of GPUs, designed for the edge, offers a variety of form factors tailored for embedded scenarios, boasting extended longevity and specialized optimizations for edge deployment. With Intel’s commitment to open standards and a flexible software ecosystem, these GPUs empower developers to create robust, high-performance AI applications and services free from the constraints of proprietary systems.

Intel Arc A370M Performance Compared to NVIDIA T1000

Up to

Higher performance at AI Inference​ using
Resnet50, Batch Size 32

Up to

Higher performance at decoding​ 2 streams
of H.264 1080p30 Video

What You Can Do With Edge AI with Intel Arc GPUs

Intel Arc Graphics: Boost the Performance of Edge Workloads​

Transform EV Charging Stations with Intel Arc

The integration of Intel Arc GPUs with Intel Core processors, alongside the developer-optimized OpenVINO toolkit, is redefining electric vehicle (EV) charging technology. Smarter charging solutions now feature LLM-enhanced customer interactions, turning traditional charging into a dynamic, personalized service that can also unlock new revenue streams.

Intel Arc Graphics: Boost the Performance of Edge Workloads​

Revolutionize Retail with Intel Arc Powered AI

A smart retail solution driven by Intel Arc GPU’s AI inference capabilities. Maples Centre harnesses this tech to dissect foot traffic and consumer behaviour across various outlets, including dining and shopping. The insights facilitate the optimization of store layouts, fine-tuning of product assortments, and tailoring of marketing tactics to boost shopper engagement and drive sales to new heights.

Intel Arc Graphics: Boost the Performance of Edge Workloads​

Enhance Video Walls with Matrox LUMA Pro and Intel Arc

Achieve unparalleled display capabilities for intricate video wall setups with Matrox LUMA Pro Series graphics cards, emboldened by the power of Intel Arc GPUs. These cards are designed to meet the challenges of delivering high-density, high-resolution, and superior performance visuals.

Intel Arc Graphics: Boost the Performance of Edge Workloads​

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) systems, leveraging a synergy of Intel CPUs, Intel Arc GPUs, and OpenVINO toolkit-optimized AI models, significantly enhances visual inspection accuracy. This powerful combination is crucial for streamlining quality assurance processes and reducing costs in the manufacturing sector.

Enhancing AI Inference Speeds with OpenVINO

Integrate OpenVINO toolkit’s optimizations including model quantization, layer fusion, and targeted hardware acceleration to substantially boost AI inference efficiency. On discrete GPUs, these refined models capitalize on the GPU’s parallel processing prowess, delivering rapid inference. OpenVINO’s Automatic Device Plugin empowers your applications to distribute inference tasks between CPUs and GPUs, optimizing for either reduced latency or heightened performance, according to demand.

Cost-effectiveness dovetails with stellar GPU performance through OpenVINO’s fine-tuning capabilities. The fresh OpenVINO 2024.0 edition brings generative AI within reach for practical applications, thanks to expanded support for diverse models, minimized memory footprint, and new compression approaches tailored for bulky language models. The release enhances flexibility for developers using various frameworks, enabling them to forge ahead with innovative AI-geared solutions. Get your hands on the latest version now and propel your AI projects forward.

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