IP66/IP69K Computers: Stainless Steel Panel PCs and HMIs

– Stainless Steel Panel PCs –
Rugged IP66/IP69K Computers and HMIs for use in
Harsh and Aggressive Environments

IP66/IP69K Stainless Panel PC solutions available from BVM

BVM offer a variety of industrial-grade IP66/IP69K Stainless Steel Panel PCs from a number of manufacturers to provide variety of choice where certain ‘looked for’ features are needed. However, and in common – all of our stainless-steel panel PCs are designed and manufactured to meet the needs generated by challenging environments.

All BVM solutions are of an industrial offering, coming with 5-7 year lifetime availabilities. They’re also generally fanless in operation to provide for better maintenance & failure free properties and silent running. Our stainless-steel solutions are available in screen sizes from 10” through to 24” with either projective capacitive or 4 and 5 wire resistive touch input and are ingress protected from IP65 through to IP66/67 and up to IP69K where high pressure ‘hose down’ properties are required.

Where external interfacing with the PC is concerned, I/O is provided in the format of watertight M12 connections – and the provision of IP67 external cables. Chassis are generally of stainless 304 grade but can also be provided in SU316 stainless steel where high anti-corrosion or strength properties are needed.  

Options can also be chosen to ensure screens are sunlight readable in peak day time hours (via high- bright LED backlighting or optical bonding) and can be wirelessly connected via WiFi or Bluetooth.

All of these features make our stainless-steel offerings ideal for food, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing – or for any type of environment where are conditions are hazardous and process monitoring & control solutions are being sought.

Additionally, all our systems can be delivered pre-configured with desk top or embedded versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems and provided with driver availability for various SKU’s for embedded Linux.

What is an Ingress Protected ‘IP69K’ Computer?

IP69K rating is required for applications where a PC system must be regularly washed down for cleanliness and hygiene reasons. Typically, the most effective way to do this is by using high pressure steam cleaning or hosing of water. This causes major design considerations around the PC – as not only does it have to protect to a high level in stopping moisture or water coming in, but also still allow heat dissipation via the general running of the PC. Typical application areas that demand this level of protection are generally found in food and pharmaceutical production environments which demand frequent washdowns.

How are products tested to IP69K?

Products designed and made to an IP69K ingress protected standard must be able to withstand high pressure water and steam throughout the cleaning process, namely:

  • Water measured at a temperature of 80 °C
  • 80-100 Bar pressure
  • Flow rate of 14–16 litres per minute
  • Applied from a distance of 10-15cms away at angles of 0°, 30°, 60° and 90° – and for at least 30 seconds in duration.

Application Areas

BVM and the Panel PC OEM’s we work with

BVM work with a specific selection of industrial-grade stainless steel panel PCs OEM’s (original equipment manufacturers) – namely Wincomm, Aplex, Winmate and Axiomtek. BVM have selected these manufacturers based on our history of previous relationships built over time concerning other PC solutions we provide and also because each has their own individual merits where stainless steel PC solutions are concerned.

Here’s just a small selection of Stainless Steel Panel PCs that are available.

IP69K Aplex ViTAM Stainless Steel Panel PC


Industrial Stainless Steel Panel PC Solutions

10.1″ – 23.8″ LCD Size | ARM, Elkhart Lake Celeron, 8th Gen iCore and 11th Gen iCore | Wide Operating Temp -20 – 60℃ | PCIE x16 and mPCIe Expansion

The ViTAM series provides panel PCs and industrial monitors with all-around features. Aplex Panel PCs are available with ARM or X86 based platform to deliver a variety of computing performance levels. The ViTAM series goes beyond the basic ingress protection standards by achieving all round IP66 and IP69K-certified solutions with M12 connectors, capable of withstanding high-pressure wash down and prevention of dust ingress, too. The ViTAM series can be applied to a wide range of industrial applications including food & beverage, chemical production, factory automation and other areas where a high standard of PC solution is required to meet the needs of the surrounding environment.


APLEX AEx Series

ATEX Certified Panel PCs for Hazardous Environments

15″ – 22″ LCD Size | Celeron and 6th Gen iCore | Wide Operating Temp -20 – 60℃ | mPCIe Expansion

ATEX Certified Panel PCs which are explosion proof for use in sensitive and hazardous environments. The AEx series adopts stainless steel SUS316 enclosures and are IP66 dust and water-proof ingress protected with M12 connectors. They are capable of withstanding vibration, shock & corrosion and can be utilised in the harshest of environments where the presence of volatile gases or vapour substances are unavoidable.


ATEX Stainless Steel Panel PC
WTP Series Stainless Steel Panel PC

Wincomm WTP-9G66 Series

IP66/69K Whiskey Lake CPU Stainless Panel PC WTP-9G66 Series

15″ – 24″ LCD Size | 8th Gen iCore | Operating Temp 0 – 50℃ | M.2 and mPCIe Expansion

Wincomm provide their latest Intel 8th Generation Whiskey Lake IP66/67/69K stainless steel touch Panel PC’s in the form of the  WTP-9G66 series with solutions provided in 15”, 19”, 22” and 24”, ready for manufacturing processes such as food and pharmaceutical production. With an i/o configuration utilising vertical (downwards pointing) M12 connectors and an optional cable gland SKU’s, the WTP-9G66 series provides IP69K protection all round. With a second HDD for data back-up and 4 x USB3.1 ports for high speed data transfer  – the WTP-9G66 series particularly targets high performance applications where hygienic environments are concerned.


Wincomm WTP-9E66 Series

IP66/69K Wide Temp Skylake CPU Stainless Panel PC WTP-9E66 Series

10″ – 24″ LCD Size | Atom and 6th Gen iCore | Operating Temp -20 – 60℃ | M.2 and mPCIe Expansion

The industrial-grade stainless steel panel PC WTP-9E66 series are design ed & manufactured to meet  challenging environments, undergoing rigorous pre-testing to ensure safety and maximum performance. All models in this stainless-steel series are sealed to a (minimum of) IP65 standard with the addition of an IP69K model to offer a ‘best in class’ solution for environments with a hygienic consideration.

Featuring full flat projective capacitive & resistive touch screen solutions with VESA mounting options, Wincomm industrial panel PCs go beyond that of the standard industrial panel PC computers with stylish design, rugged construction, powerful performance, and flexible mounting options to make the perfect vehicle for machine and process control. The WTP-9E66 series are perfectly suited for application deployment in industrial automation, such as food & beverage – and pharmaceutical production including chemical manufacturing – to name but a few.


Wincomm WTP Series IP66/IP69K Computers
WAP Series IP66/IP69K Computers


IP66/69K Wide Temp Apollo Lake CPU Stainless Panel PC WAP Series

15″ – 21.5″ LCD Size | Pentium | Operating Temp -10 – 60℃ | mPCIe Expansion

In the food production and pharmaceutical industries, hygiene is of the utmost importance. MACTRON GROUP provides a high-efficiency Waterproof Stainless Touch Panel PC with an IP66/IP69K rating to withstand close-range high-pressure, high temperature washdowns.


Winmate IP69K Stainless P Series

Stainless Steel IP69K Panel PCs

15.1″ – 23.8″ LCD Size | 7th Gen iCore | Operating Temp 0 – 45℃ | M.2 Expansion

The Winmate IP69K Stainless P Series comes with a waterproof conduit pipe for extra cable protection. The IP69K rating makes these Panel PCs suitable for substantial wash downs, while the stainless housing with strong cleaning agents and perfect for food and chemical industries. Plus, the panel PC is easy to set up with either VESA or Yoke mounting options.


Winmate Stainless Steel Panel PC
GOT815L Stainless Steel Panel PC

Axiomtek GOT800 Series

Stainless Steel IP66 Panel PCs

12.1″ – 17″ LCD Size | Atom and 7th Gen iCore | Wide Operating Temp -20 – 50℃ | mPCIe Expansion

The GOT800 family of stainless-steel touch panel computers consists of five models – with a size range  between 10″ to 17″. By way of example, the GOT817-511 is a 17″ unit and has a full IP66/IP69K-rated water, dust and corrosion-proof enclosure which guarantees this all-in-one industrial panel PC can be deployed in harsh operating conditions. It supports a wide operating temperature range from -20°C to +50°C and can withstand vibration up to 1G. The GOT817L-511 is an ideal HMI for use in food and chemical factories, pharmaceutical industry and other applications where hose down cleaning is required. And it’s equally at home in heavy-duty outdoor applications.


Expansion Cards and Components

Yuan capture Cards

Quite often it’s the case that no matter which industrial PC solution you’re aiming to design in – or already utilise, it never quite has all the I/O that you’d ideally want. 

Whether you need additional I/O around communications (multiple PoECanbus, GbE LAN, GPIO/DIO or RS232/422/485,), Storage (multiple SATA 3, USB 3.0 or M.2) or display output (multiple HDMI, DVI-D, VGA or 18/24 bit LVDS) – we’ll have an expansion solution via mPCIe, PCIe or M.2 that’ll suit your needs. 

Additionally, we can provide video capture solutions from SD through to 4K, with hardware compression or in raw data format via PCIe, PCI, M.2 and mPCIe – all ably backed up with up to date SDK’s (software development kits) to allow users to develop their own application or features at a rapid pace. 

Stainless Steel Touchscreen Monitors

BVM realise that our standard and custom IPC solutions will frequently need a display; whether that’s the need to simply read & understand data output or providing a means of interaction (HMI) for the control and interrogation of parameters. We can supply a range of Stainless Steel industrial touchscreen monitors, starting at 15”, going through to 22” –  pre-bonded with a 5-Wire Resistive Full Flat Touch Screen.

IP69K/IP66 WTD Stainless Steel Series

Resolution1024 x 768 (XGA)1280 x 1024 (SXGA)1920 x 1080 (Full HD)
Colour Numbers16.7M16.7M16.7M
View Angle (H/V)160/160170/160170/160
Brightness (nits)450350250
OSD Power// Auto:off/source change// Up// Down// Menu: on/enter

BVM Design and Manufacturing services.

BVM have a portfolio of standard (‘off the shelf’) stainless panel PC product solutions to provide for the countering of environments containing elements such as moisture, salt, dust and the presence of chemicals.  

However, where something a little more specialised is needed, please consider BVM’ bespoke custom designed systems where we provide configured PC systems with memory, storage and optimised embedded operating systems. And If you can’t find an off the shelf system that meets your specific requirements speak with our in house design team who will talk to you around designing your product from ground up; concept, design, development and production

Design | Develop | Test | Manufacture

Here’s a selection of our design, manufacturing & associated services: –

Design to Order Banner
Build to Order Banner

Design to Order: OEM/ODM Embedded Product Design Services

For customers designing a brand-new product from scratch
or working with an existing prototype.


Build to Order: System Integration and Customisation Services​

Take an existing system and we can:

Build to order Racks and Towers, Peli Case PCs and Mini-ITX PCs

Embedded Software Services

Porting, Integration & Deployment


We like to make life easier ….

At BVM, we don’t just supply products, we deliver comprehensive computing solutions tailored to suit your unique requirements. With over 30 years of expertise in the industry, our dedicated sales team is ready to help you through select the perfect rugged, industrial or embedded hardware for your next project.

We supply a wide and diverse range of Industrial and Embedded Systems. From Industrial Motherboards, SBCs and Box PCs, to Rack Mount computers and Industrial Panel PCs. If you can’t find an off-the-shelf solution that fits, our in-house design team is at your service to craft a customized solution that exceeds your expectations.

You can either call us directly on +(0) 1489 780 144 and talk to one of the team | E-mail us at sales@bvmltd.co.uk | Use the contact form on our website

BVM Design and Manufacturing Services: The manufacturer behind the solutions you know

When a standard embedded design won’t suffice for what you need, you can always turn to BVM for help and use our custom design and manufacturing services.