Custom Chassis and Cooling Design Service

Custom Chassis Design Service

Chassis / Enclosure / Cooling / Metalwork
Design and Fabrication

BVM create custom enclosures to befit product aesthetics,
tactility and practicalities such as size, interactivity and interconnection with other devices.

Bespoke Design & Manufacturing Service
Custom Chassis and Enclosure Design

Not everything ‘off the shelf’ will be a fit for your specific application. Like most things in life, one size doesn’t fit all and BVM take the same approach when looking at an overall system design – particularly where the enclosure is concerned.

BVM’s design team utilise the very latest in 3D modelling CAD software so we can design suitable housings to provide the exact fit, feel and practicalities needed to house & accommodate the central intelligence and interactivity behind your product – inclusive of motherboards, TFT displays with integrated touch, required cabling – and any other peripheral devices needed to aid your application.

Our Approach

Our friendly and approachable electronics and mechanical design team will work in tandem with you directly or any designated 3rd party working on your behalf. We always take an ‘inclusive’ approach to working with our customers products and enclosures are no exception. There are number of ways we can work with you, including:-

Definitive Specification

You can provide us with detailed specification to work to – inclusive of aesthetics needed, access to specific i/o, size (particularly where space is of a minimum), weight, feel – even ‘toughness’ or durability where your product needs to survive the knocks and bangs from the outside world.

From an existing prototype

You may have already been down the route of producing your own prototype – but need help in taking it to the next stage and/or the input of news ideas around all the usual aspects you’d consider and also ensuring your enclosure is manufacturable on a repeatable basis and houses what you need.

‘From Scratch’

Your project may be in its early stages – just an idea or concept or rough sketches around how your product needs to look and be practical in its environment. BVM can even work on the most minimal of a basis to bring your ideas to life.

Enclosure Materials: We provide enclosures in…

Plastic– injection mould, vacuum formed……etc

Metal– aluminium, stainless steel, mild steel….etc

Bespoke Design & Manufacturing Service
Custom Cooling Solutions

Design to Order - Custom Cooling Solutions
BVM’s bespoke design & manufacturing services not only take into consideration the physical
features and functionality of a product, but operational considerations as well.

BVM’s customers sometimes need their enclosure designs to be bespoke due to the physical environment their product is required to operate in. This may be because the enclosure that houses the electronics has to be ‘sealed’ for ingress of dust, water or other hazardous substances (liquid or vapour) and consequently needs to be provided with an official ingress protection rating  (IP rated).

The system may be frequently subjected to sub zero or high temperatures either from either external or internal (where system generation of heat is concerned) factors. From an internal perspective, while using low power/TDP CPUs such as Intel Atom or ARM devices  that keep heat generation to a minimum, the application at hand may ultimately require higher computing power and, therefore, a more powerful CPU which poses the issue of getting heat out of the system whilst still :-

  • Retaining the level of ingress protection needed
  • Keeping the CPU cool and all other electronic devices within the assembly.
  • Retaining system performance and the maximum of ‘up-time

Custom Cooling: We provide custom cooling solutions with…

Custom Mounting Solutions

Too often it’s tempting to think that heat removal needs to be completed by the chassis itself, but because BVM also provide custom mounting solutions for applications – whether this be a faceplate, backplate – or a mounting bracket we can often use these items to serve as additional conduits to take the heat away from the system

Shock and Vibration

Additionally, an application maybe required to withstand shock and vibration – particularly when used on road vehicles, trains or aircraft which means negating the use of ‘off-the shelf’ internal components. 

When designing a custom cooling assembly for your application, one of our first ports of call is obtaining the thermal and mechanical specification and design guide for the CPU we intend for your system which will detail specifics for the family of devices that we’ve have chosen. Each CPU may have a different footprint from what you may have used before and will, therefore, require a different mechanical mounting methodology which can be additionally advised by the manufacturer.

We like to make life easier ….

BVM supply a wide and diverse range of Industrial and Embedded Systems.
From Industrial Motherboards, SBCs and Box PCs, to Rack Mount computers and Industrial Panel PCs.

Our technical & commercial team members will always provide you with valuable but impartial advice around the products and services that BVM provide. With their collective backgrounds, they’ll provide you with the benefit of their knowledge and experiences when & where you need it. We’ll always help you in the first instance and get back to you when additional information is required.

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When a standard embedded design won’t suffice for what you need, you can always turn to BVM for help and use our custom design and manufacturing services.