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Our Facility

our facility



Design & Production

  • Design for Manufacturemanufacturing services2
  • Product & system development for concept, prototyping and mass production
  • System test, soak test & environmental cycling
  • Incorporation of client specific testing procedures
  • Flexibility of manufacturing services against client schedules and forecasts


Materials & Quality Management

  • Component selection, supplier liaison and procurementTCM
  • Free issue parts management
  • Supplier performance management
  • Goods-in quality control
  • batch and 100% inspection programs as required
  • ISO9001:2015 accreditation


Logistics Management

  • Established ‘trace & track’ systems in placelogistics
  • Negotiated courier delivery programs
  • Client specific labelling for identification & tracking
  • Customised packaging and labelling


Our team possess a “can-do” attitude, are flexible, motivated and always happy to help.

Quite often, we’re the manufacturer behind the solutions you know

Whether we’re utilising our own manufacturing & production facilities here in Southampton – or our ecosystem of partners in Asia, BVM can cope with any size or complexity of batch manufacturing. Our production team are highly motivated with a flexible “can do” attitude ensuring consistent quality and on-time delivery.