Case Study: Overcoming Industry Regulatory Hurdles in Waste Management

Case Study: Overcoming Mandatory Industry Regulatory Hurdles in Waste Management Analytics

DFI and BVM Working in Partnership
to Overcome Mandatory Industry Regulatory Hurdles in
Waste Management & Analytics

Client Background

BVM Ltd is a DFI distributor and system integrator, located in Southampton, UK – possessing over 35 years of experience in providing industrial PC solutions for the UK and Ireland customer base.    

BVM’s client is a pioneering force in waste analytics, providing solutions to recycling management facilities worldwide. Their innovative approach helps recycling facility managers and producers recycle more – and waste less, via the abilities of their technology to track, analyse and report

The Challenge

As part of their expansion into emerging markets, new regulations mandated that the clients’ systems had to possess UL approval, posing a ‘show stopping’ challenge to their existing technology where a suitable certified IPC (industrial PC) system was concerned. In short, the client faced a critical setback with their current level of industrial PC, the central, supporting intelligence behind their technology offering – via DFI’s Mini-ITX motherboard – CMS100-H420IB, as it lacked the necessary UL approval certification. Furthermore, this setback jeopardised their technology offering as a whole due to the necessity to interface with sensors and cameras for monitoring – and ultimately, the management of process control in recycling centres.

The Solution

Given the clients enforced challenges, and through BVM Ltd working in complete partnership via proactive & collaborative working with DFI, a solution rapidly emerged. DFI facilitated UL compliance for the CMS100-H420IB motherboard via a supported commercial proposal which consisted of a refundable arrangement back to the client, contingent upon meeting a specified threshold of unit orders.

The Outcome

By quickly seizing the opportunity to collaborate with DFI and navigate the UL compliance process as quickly as possible, BVM’s client successfully overcame their regulatory barrier. This positive response enabled them to integrate 175 units of the CMS100-H420IB motherboard into customer waste management lines, bolstering their technology’s capabilities and expanding their customer base.

Direct Impact

The partnership between client, BVM Ltd and DFI not only ensured regulatory compliance, but also underscored the importance of proactive collaboration between supporting local distributor and OEM in surmounting industry challenges. With their enhanced technology infrastructure, BVM’s client is now better positioned to fulfil their mission of revolutionising waste management practices globally.

This case study highlights the significance of adaptability and strategic distributor/OEM partnerships in navigating regulatory complexities. By embracing innovation and fostering collaboration, organisations can overcome even the most stringent of regulatory hurdles and drive meaningful progress in an industry that are critical to the worlds future.

CMS100-H420IB: Key Features

  • 10th Generation Intel Core Processors
  • 2 DDR4 2933MHz SODIMM up to 64GB
  • Quad Displays: DP++ + HDMI + DVI-I + LVDS/eDP, or DP++ + DP++ + DVI-I + LVDS/eDP
  • Supports up to 4K/2K resolution
  • Multiple Expansions: 1 PCIe x16, 1 M.2 M Key, 1 M.2 B Key, 1 M.2 E Key
  • Rich I/O: 1 Intel 2.5GbE, 1 Intel GbE, 2 COM, up to 10 USB
  • 15-Year CPU Life Cycle Support Until Q2′ 34 (Based on Intel IOTG Roadmap)
CMS100-H420IB: Key Features

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