MACTRON WMP Series: Advanced 12th Gen Alder Lake Medical All-In-One Panel PCs

MACTRON WMP Series: Advanced 12th Gen Alder Lake Medical All-In-One Panel PCs

Introducing the MACTRON WMP Series

The healthcare industry demands precision, reliability, and efficiency, which is why the introduction of the MACTRON WMP Series: 12th Gen Medical All-In-One Panel PCs marks a pivotal advancement in medical computing technology. Developed to meet the rigorous standards of medical applications, these Panel PCs offer a harmonious blend of high-performance and durability. Let’s delve deeper into the capabilities and potential applications of these cutting-edge devices.

Exceptional Design and Specifications


  • Screen: 15.6” TFT LCD, perfect for viewing medical imagery and records.
  • Operating System: Windows, providing familiar interface and compatibility.
  • Processors: Powered by Intel Alder Lake processors, delivering powerful performance for complex tasks.
  • Housing: Crafted from aluminium die casting to ensure durability and longevity.
  • Cooling Technology: Fanless design complemented by IP65 rated front panel, making it robust against dust and water ingress.
  • Ports: Features a rich and flexible I/O port design, making connectivity seamless. Optional magnetic I/O port cover for streamlined maintenance.


  • Screen: 21.5” TFT LCD, offering a larger display for enhanced interaction.
  • Operating System: Windows, ensuring broad application compatibility.
  • Processor: Powered by Intel Alder Lake processors, optimized for demanding applications.
  • Certification: Complies with IEC60601 medical standards, ensuring safety and reliability.
  • Housing and Cooling: Similar to the WMP1567, with aluminium die casting and fanless operation.
  • Ports: Includes a comprehensive array of I/O ports with an optional magnetic cover for easy access and maintenance.

Application Areas

The versatility of the MACTRON WMP Series allows it to excel in various medical environments:

  • Hospital Wards: Enhance routine clinical workflows and patient management systems.
  • Operating Rooms: Reliable performance for real-time data monitoring and medical imaging.
  • Diagnostic Centers: Ideal for running diagnostics applications due to their powerful processing capability.
  • Medical Labs: Effective in environments requiring cleanliness and operational precision.
  • Pharmacies: Supports software essential for managing prescriptions and tracking inventory.

These Panel PCs are designed not only to withstand the demands of medical operations but also to integrate seamlessly, thus ensuring better patient care and efficient workflow management.

Ready to Revolutionize your Medical Operations with MACTRON’s WMP Series?

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