BVM News #01: Celebrating 35 Years of Excellence

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BVM: Shaping Industries with Cutting-Edge Computing Solutions

We’re celebrating 35 Years of Design & Manufacture – and Distribution
of Industrial and Embedded Computing Solutions

Dear Valued Reader

We are excited to share with you this special edition of our newsletter, commemorating a pivotal chapter in our ongoing story. BVM has been a beacon in the industrial and embedded computing space for thirty-five years, persistently leading the charge in designing, manufacturing and distributing robust and innovative computing solutions to a broad spectrum of industry sectors.

Thank you for being part of our journey. Together, let’s continue to pioneer progress and redefine possibilities in industrial and embedded computing.

Celebrating 35 Years of Excellence

Celebrating 35 Years of Innovation

Navigating through three and a half decades, BVM have established an outstanding reputation as a distributor, designer, manufacturer – and systems integrator in the world of industrial and embedded computer system supply. Not just a participant, but a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor at the heart of an industry that supports customer industrial computing needs.

BVM takes pride in the provision of an extensive selection of industrial and embedded systems, underpinned by a gained knowledge and steadfast devotion to excellence. Our objective is to meet the unique demands of the industry you work in, providing clients with solutions that meet & surpass expectation for operational performance. Our offerings are designed to boost efficiencies, guarantee robustness – and integrate systems with cutting-edge processing technologies, operating systems, peripherals – and their linked communication.

Celebrating 35 Years of Excellence

BVM Ltd – Celebrating 35 Years of Solution – Provider Excellence !

We’re Celebrating 35 years of excellence. Discover how BVM has become a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of industrial and embedded computer systems.

Customer Applications : The Core of Our Innovations

For 35 years, our innovations have been fuelled by the stories and feedback from our diverse clientele. These are the voices of real-world applications that guide our hand in design & manufacturing products that make a difference. Each case study we produce are more than just words—they’re an authentication to a mutual working relationship with customers that have culminated in solutions to address a direct need.

The case studies you’ll find on our website are testaments to those needs. They’re stories of innovation, and above all else, BVM’s listening to the customer from the outset. And as we grow alongside our customers, we continue to be inspired with each new & varied application that is presented to us.

Case Study
Theme Park AR Experience Custom Industrial PCs with MXM GPUs

BVM News #01: Celebrating 35 Years of Excellence - Theme Park AR Experience Custom Industrial PC

Our client approached BVM seeking a cutting-edge PC solution for the control of VR (virtual reality) for an augmented reality (AR) ride at one of their premier theme parks.

Case Study
IoT Gateway Device for monitoring & control devices

BVM News #01: Celebrating 35 Years of Excellence - IoT Gateway

Our client, global OEM, responsible for producing monitoring & control devices tasked BVM with designing and manufacturing a small IoT (Gateway) device for the purpose of monitoring systems for remote installations.

Case Study
Improving Operator Safety with a 7″ Vehicle-Mounted Panel PC

BVM News #01: Celebrating 35 Years of Excellence - Construction Vehicle Panel PC

Discover how our Vehicle-Mounted Panel PC solutions helps ensure personnel and equipment safety in diverse conditions. With 30+ years’ experience, we bring innovative solutions to the construction, rail, waste, and more sectors.

Case Study
Portable PC with Integrated Test Equipment and High Bright Display

BVM News #01: Celebrating 35 Years of Excellence - Portable LCR Meter

With a commitment to innovation and efficiencies, our client sought a bespoke rugged portable PC with an integrated Test Equipment and High Bright TFT display to streamline in-field test & monitoring processes.

Case Study
Rail Passenger Information & Communication Systems

BVM News #01: Celebrating 35 Years of Excellence - Case Study Rail Passenger Information & Communication Systems

As a prominent player in their field, our customer sought an innovative solution to elevate their railway passenger and platform information and communication systems for an established network provider for the UK rail network.

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