Case Study: Ruggedised Vehicle Satellite Navigational Unit

Case Study: Ruggedised Vehicle Satellite Navigational Unit


Ruggedized, external use vehicle satellite navigational system


VDK (Vanderkooij Tele communicate BV)


VDK (Vanderkooij Tele communicate BV) are experts in providing application specific solutions in and around telecommunications for transportation. They approached BVM while searching for a Pico ITX Embedded motherboard solution, as part of a central control system VDK were developing for a public transport project, for on-board communications.

The Pico ITX solution was to provide a wide operational temperature solution for a public transport project, to enable the metro to communicate more effectively with passengers via the on-board communications system.

During an initial project meeting at their HQ offices in Driebergen, VDK discovered that BVM could provide services in other areas, which would help in the re-design of a product that they had been looking for – for some time, to assist completion. It concerned a vehicle navigation system that they’d been supplying for a number of years for harsh environment deployment.

It was BVM’s expertise in design and integration, within these kinds of environments, which provided VDK with the opportunity to take another project forward

Design Brief

  • To make the navigational unit more aesthetically pleasing.
  • To provide enhancement around the graphical and back-lighting features for the embedded touch screen solution (operable via gloved input).
  • To provide a low powered processor solution within the device.

Design Challenges

  • The unit had to be able, to be provided with high levels of ingress protection (IP66).
  • Suitability for operational use, within hot and cold temperature extremes.
  • Suitability for use, in ‘high-brite’ environments to prevent ‘screen wash – out’,
  • User interactivity via gloved input.
Case Study: Ruggedised Vehicle Satellite Navigational Unit

The Solution

From the beginning, and throughout the whole design process, BVM consulted with VDK at each major ‘milestone’ to ensure a fully cohesive ‘two-way’ communication process existed at all times, to facilitate a design that provided for both functional & environmental competency.

The resulting solution provided the following features –

  • A  8.4” high-brite (1200 Nit) resistive touch interactive system cable of being operable via gloved touch input, in harsh environmental conditions.
  • System ingress protection to IP66 and operable with temperature extremes of minus 40 degrees Celsius through to +75 degrees Celsius, enclosed within machined aluminum housings.
  • Internal USB connected GPS receiver.
  • 12 volt supply fully controlled via ignition signal, programmable to provide power on/off delays and controlled system power down.

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